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This is a summary of the V-Dimension project, written by a 3rd party, designed to give a succinct-and-lean yet thorough overview of VDS. Minute details and rules that govern certain Dapps and system fees have been omitted to allow faster reading time. Please also keep in mind that the Dev team is refraining from releasing certain technical documents until a later stage; all code is being open-sourced piece-iece.


Vollar is an ERC-20 token that supports full-scale DApp development. The same private key encryption algorithm as Bitcoin is utilized. Vollar and Bitcoin both get a separate set of public keys via Base58Check encoding. Sapling version Zero-Knowledge proof transactions are supported to allow fully anonymous transactions. VDS also supports the lightning network. These features will play off each other well to create an encrypted, fully scalable network that is economically entwined with the value of Bitcoin through one of VDS's core innovations, Resonance Trade.

The pre-mined 100,000,000 Vollar were allocated 12,000,000 million to the initial ecological establishment fund, roughly 17,000,000 to the 1:1 VOLLAR:BTC airdrop, and the remaining approximately 70,500,000 were added to the Resonance V-Pool. No portion of this pre-mined Vollar was kept for the Dev team.

Basic Info

Total Coins: 2,100,000,000 Vollar
Initial Coins: 100,000,000 Vollar
Timestamping Scheme: PoW
Mining Algorithm: Equihash96_5+Scrypt
Block Interval: 60 Seconds
Initial Reward: 500 Vollar
Reduction Era: 211,680 blocks
Reduction Rate: 5%

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Resonance Trade

The Resonance V-Pool is a decentralized exchange channel where you pay Bitcoin and buy V. It creates currency arbitrage and all the Bitcoin gets paid to VDS users in something called the Fission Promotions Game. It's apparently not controlled by any group, but written into the core code. All transactions are traceable on the chain, and rosters of winning addresses are posted in explorers. The V-Pool supply is de's described as excess or reserve Vollar stored on-chain until it is ready for purchase bymarket.

These Bise Bitcoin to Vollar transactions seem to be facilitated via atomic swap technology, however I have yet to check the source code. You should be able to check it on this Github if you are interested. After both chains clear 6 confirmations, this Bitcoin is then automatically paid-out to the Top 10 and Luck 20 winners of the Fission Promotions Game. New Vollar is constantly flowing into the V-Pool from various system transactions including VID creation, purchases and mining; it then remains here, like a decentralized currency reserve, waiting until economic conditions are favorable for it to be bought from users.

Now, what are these economic conditions? Well, the conversion rate is not based on the market rate but instead based on the present Vollar supply of The V-Pool. The exchange ratio changes at each level, the following is a detailed explanation.

Each V-Pool level can support 10 Bitcoin worth of Vollar trades. At the lowest level in the V-Pool (level 1), the conversion ratio is 1 Vollar to 1 Bitcoin. Level 1 can only store up to 10 Vollar, and the price against Bitcoin on all 10 Vollar is a 1:1 ratio.

At level 2, the exchange ratio is 1 Bitcoin to 2 Vollar and up to 20 Vollar can be stored on this level for using 10 Bitcoin. (If we are on level 2, it means that there are over 10.0 Vollar in the V-Pool) If level 1 and 2 are completely full, there is a total of 30 Vollar in the V-Pool.

At level 3, the ratio is 1 Bitcoin to 3 Vollar and up to 30 Vollar can be purchased using 10 Bitcoin. The levels go up endlessly and the exchange rate always increases by 1 Vollar.

The ratio keeps on moving like as more and more Vollar flow into the V-Pool and raise it to higher levels, which makes buying Vollar here cheaper against Bitcoin.

Since this ratio is determined by supply of Vollar and not market demand, it creates currency arbitrage. Sometimes buying Vollar from the V-Pool will be more expensive than the market rate. If this happens Vollar will keep flowing in from various transactions. Eventually the BTC to Vollar ratio will drop below market rates. When it the Vollar cheaper than the market rate, users may rush in buy it here, then sell it on the open market!

The Trust Stamp Network

The Trust Stamp Network describes the relationship between all VIDs (read next section) in V-Dimension. Activation of a new VID requires a 10 Vollar payment to a pre-existing VID. Once this payment is made, the relationship between these two VIDs is locked on the Trust Stamp Network. There are many Dapps and functions built into VDS which allow Vollar commission-sharing. The Trust Stamp Network keeps track of automatically paying out these commissions.

The term Trust Stamp System (as opposed to network) is used to describe all 12 levels of VIDs under you which you are capable of receiving commissions.

Check this video on youtube to get a helpful visual explanation.


VIDs are a special type of public address which allow payments, commissions, and relationships to be tracked in VDS. They are like virtual IDs or avatars, however the actual human holding the VID may remain anonymous as no personal information is requird for activation. Only VIDs are able to access the functions and Dapps within VDS; among these include the encrypted & distributed fiat-currency OTC groups, Secret Chat app, VAD decentralized advertising channel, Blockchain Business Contracts, community voting rights and more. 3rd party Dapp devs can also use VIDs in their designs to serve log-in and other premium membership functions. In a later stage, VIDs will also be usable as domains in an anonymous, Tor-like blockchain-internet browser where all web transmissions will be ran over VDS master nodes and maintain site privacy and safety by completely eliminating IP addresses.

The very first VIDs are referred to as Genesis VIDs and they are all generated, for free, by those with a UTXO of 0.1 Bitcoin or greater who claimed their 1:1 Bitcoin airdrop. Otherwise, new VIDs may be activated by paying 10 Vollar to another pre-existing VID.

Now, readers may be curious, who does the 10 Vollar payment go to?

The 10 Vollar is broken up into many pieces and paid to the 12 VID users above you on the Trust Stamp Network (explained in the following section), super master nodes, miners, and the Heart of Freedom account. If there are not 12 VIDs above your VID in the Trust Stamp Network, then the excess Vollar rewards are paid into the Resonance V-Pool, where they can be purchased when market conditions are favorable. For a fully detailed explanation on how VID activation payments are distributed, please refer to the whitepaper.

Here are three general ways that people may benefit from the Fission Promotions cashflow model. First, some participants may use this like a referral commission system, earning guaranteed Vollar revenues while also fighting to win a spot among the Top 10 to win Bitcoin from Resonance Trade. These Top 10 are entitled to split 50% of the Bitcoin from Resonance Trade. Second, many users may have low/no interest or capacity to compete for the Bitcoin rewards, but simply want to enjoy a kickback and get their initial VDS app cost covered as they invite all their friends. Third and least obviously, is that large technologically savvy participants may buy or mine an enormous amount of Vollar, then create a chain of VIDs for themselves so that new VID creation just pays VIDs they already own. If you control a large enough chain of VIDs, the commissions go back to VIDs you already control and you only lose 5% of your 10 Vollar payment. By doing this, players can create thousands or millions of VIDs every week at a mere 5% loss on their Vollar, and in exchange push to win a huge portion of Bitcoin from Resonance Trade. The end result is that the VID-creation payment system and the Bitcoin rewards work in-tandem to create demand for millions and millions of Vollar every single week.

Again, Vollar users are not required to participate in Fission promotions or to buy a VID. However, participating provides advantages at every level. Players can in fact recoup their entire 10 Vollar investment after only 3 recommendations. Those who also wish to make steady cashflows can start their own community to promote VDS and profit from all the new members who join in. The best players who build-up build gigantic numbers of VIDs within their Trust Stamp Systems earn huge Vollar cashflows and may also fight to be among the Top 10 and win the weekly Bitcoin distribution rights.


In the VDS dual wallet, there is a function which allows you to bid on 24-hour Ad spots. The bidding process is completely decentralized, start to finish. Bids are conducted through smart contracts and payments are distributed among Super Master Nodes, never to any centralized entity. Message contents cannot be censored and are broadcast network-wide to every single VDS dual wallet. Ads can be bookmarked and saved by Ad creators and consumers for convenience. Antoher feature is that VAD’s all-time highest bid remains displayed continuously until it is out-bid. This function allows merchants to instantly reach out to Vollar holders and cryptocurrrency players, to spread the word about other crypto-related apps and projects. Full details on how to use VAD can be found in the whitepaper.

Secret Chat

In the VDS Secret Chat app, messages are encrypted with different algorithms. Each and every transmission is passed along a different master node path. Furthermore, encrypted chat groups can be formed so that friends and communities can communicate together with privacy. Accounts are completely anonymous, requiring no real-name, email or phone number to login. All you need is a VID. Full details on this function can be found in the whitepaper.

Distributed OTC Exchange

Every chat group has the capacity to be turned into an encrypted OTC, however only the Fission Game Top 100 are granted these rights each week. In order to make it into the Top 100, thus a group admin must put in serious investment and effort to activate his or her OTC. This helps mitigate any kind of corruption in the trade by making sure that said arbitrator has put significant personal finance and reputation at stake (be it personal reputation or just on the VID). Arbitrators may choose set any single asset to trade against Vollar. Once set, the asset class for an OTC group cannot be changed. Admin commission fees are also customizable. All group admissions must be manually approved by the arbitrator, who also has the option of setting an entry fee. A full explanation of the OTC function can be found in the VDS whitepaper.

Master Nodes

An enormous, stable master node network is essential for network transmissions in VDS as there will be so many functions in operation. Node creation has therefore been made possibly one of the most stable and profitable ways to earn money from VDS, however these nodes must maintain constant online connectivity to stay qualified for revenues. There are two types of nodes in VDS, super master nodes and light master nodes; both serve exactly the same data transmission functions, however setup requirements and payout to node operators are quite different. Details below:

Super master nodes require a 10,000 Vollar UTXO for activation, and earn Vollar for servicing the network. This 10,000 Vollar is completely controlled by the node operator at all times. They receive 50% of the weekly mining issued Vollar, as well as a fair amount of system fees. System fees vary based on network traffic and more information can be found in the whitepaper. IF you want to check detailed revenues you can check this block explorer to come up with an ROI calculation on starting a VDS node.

The exact master node payout fluctuates every week based on the number of nodes online, the amount of mining-issued rewards for the week, and also network activity (which result in handler’s fees). Here are a few calculations to help readers get a better idea of how much money super master nodes can earn:

Initially, total block rewards = 5,040,000 Vollar per week. If 5,040,000 Vollar is not used in VID creation, then a certain portion of the block rewards are sent to the V-Pool in the following week (refer to PoW Issuance Equalization Mechanism for more on this). Let’s begin assuming optimal VID production and optimal mining issued rewards. If weekly VID creation revenue equals weekly block rewards revenue, master nodes get half of all block rewards, which before the first 5% reduction is 2,520,000 Vollar. We can then take weekly mining-issued rewards, 2.52 million, and divide it by the number of nodes online to find the estimated weekly revenues. Thus the beginning of every week, master node rewards can be approximated by dividing the current week’s mining rewards by the number of active super master nodes.

Light Master Nodes require a *Sprout VID holding a 100 Vollar UTXO deposit. The light master node payment system is a lottery, and only 20 node addresses are selected each week. These 20 addresses split 50% of the weekly Bitcoin reward from Resonance Trade. They are referred to as the Lucky 20 light master nodes.

If interested in starting a super or light master node, please check the relevant sections of the whitepaper first to get a complete description on how rewards are disbursed.

*A sprout VID is a VID with all 12 slots on the first level of its Trust Stamp System filled.

Blockchain Business Contracts

This is a product/sales promotion system which allows users to pay commissions out across the Trust Stamp Network. These merchants may pre-set a commission and automatically pay users who help promote products. The whitepaper describes building a huge decentralized sales force and plans to build a large base of merchants. This function has yet to be released however, so let’s wait for more info to come as it gets closer to being released.

Noncentralized Voting

In 5 years, the Heart of Freedom account will automatically begin paying out all patent fees to the 33 Hands of Freedom so that they may have financial support for activities which benefit the whole community. These Hands of Freedom are VIDs elected by other VIDs in the community. Any VID is eligible to become a Hand of Freedom. Votes may be recast every 10,080 blocks. Check the whitepaper for specifics.

Fission Promotions and the Lottery

These are essential two rewards systems designed to help expand and stabilize the VDS ecology.

Fission Promotions are a rewards system used to promote VID creation. Essentially it is just the act of encouraging people to pay you 10 Vollar and create their VID under your Trust Stamp System.

95% of the 10 Vollar payment used for VID activation is split up and paid to you and the 11 VIDs above you (refer back to Trust Stamp Network). 3.5 Vollar are awarded to you for making a direct invite, another 0.5 Vollar are rewarded to you, and 0.5 Vollar are paid to each of the 11 VIDs directly above you. So far we have 3.5 Vollar + (12 VIDs * 5 Vollar) = 9.5 Vollar.

The last 0.5 Vollar (0.5%) of the 10 Vollar payment is sent 3% to Heart of Freedom and 2% to Super Master Nodes. Vollar rewards also come with an associated points system, called fission. The system calculates a fission-weighted score (check whitepaper) to determine the Fission Promotions rank of every VID. Every week, the Top 10 VIDs with the highest fission-weighted score will not only get Vollar, but also split 50% of the Bitcoin used for Resonance Trades for the following week based on their fission weighted score. This fight to win Bitcoin is known as The Game, or Fission Promotions Game.

The Lottery is a Bitcoin reward for Lucky 20 light master nodes who provide stable, consistent network service. The Lucky 20 light master nodes split 50% of the Bitcoin from Resonance Trades.

It should be noted that currently a number of people have misunderstood Fission Promotions, and come to the erred belief it is the core value-offering proposed by VDS. This is in fact a misunderstanding. Fission Promotions is a relatively small aspect of the whole project, however it is a great incentive to reward those who grow Vollar’s user-base and market value. The Dev Team is working diligently to bring the ecology to its maturity.

System Fees

Initial Ecological Establishment Funds

There were 6 rewards categories setup to help kick-start the ecology.

If you fit into any one of these categories and want to see if you are eligible to win a prize check the whitelists.

Please note that the mining pool rewards will still be given out, however the process has changed due to the fact that the dev team has decided to delay releasing the files needed to compile and build a mining pool. Only highly skilled miners will be able to compile themselves and build a mining pool. Thus, at this time, any mining pool may apply to be added to the whitelist. The first 20 to apply to the whitelist and successfully connect their mining pool will receive the mining rewards.

Food for Thought

1) Vollar is usable by anybody and the dapps platform within VDS will be accessible by everyone, however many functions within VDS require fees for participation. It should be reminded that when you use free social networking, you are compromising your own privacy to marketing companies who harvest your data and sell it. Furthermore, these kinds of platforms are often centralized; search and seizures of server records are at the complete whim of governing states. 10 Vollar should be a small fee to pay for an all-in-one, privacy-safety solution. Those who wish to use VDS are in no way required to participate in Fission Promotions. However, those who want to find a way to contribute have been given Fission Promotions and myriad other choices to make their contributions profitable.

2) The Fission Promotions Game, Resonance Trade, and the PoW Issuance Equalization Mechanism incentivize the top players to HODL massive amounts of Vollar as well as to push the product out through VID fissions because these actions not only make Vollar appreciate in value, it also helps them win the Bitcoin. This makes is so that even if Vollar’s price is dropping, the Bitcoin reward from the V-Pool creates an auxiliary financial incentive to buy Vollar besides speculation that it will valuate.

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