Diary Game Season 3: // Never Ending Season // How my day went // 16th April 2021 // Written by @uzoma24 (powered up 100%)

Good morning Dear Friends,
his ismy lid report for 16th of April 2021.
I could not post yesterday because of the issue we had with the brrouser.

I woke p in the morning at about 5:30 am to a phone call after which i discovere that I wass still feeling sleepy. i wnt back to bed annd covered myself with my wrapper. nly to wakke up again by 7am.

morning selfie

I quickly got out of bed and started preparing for work. At 9am i lef to shop

I stoped ver a restaurant for breakfastt, there; i had rce and beans wwith plantains.en i got to workork, i my boy to en ensure that all already lored clothes were ironed and packed for delivery.

At noon, i went out in search of my spotlight of the day.
i got images from Azikiwe Asa and from jubilee by Asa.
at jubilee, the traffic situation was fluent, but at Azikiwe Asa, there was a traffic jam. But there were about three traffic personnel on ground with some police men, trying to ensure orderliness.
bellow are the pictures.

jubilee by Asa

azikiwe asa

When i returnerned to shop, i startedrking again, i discovered that my generator was not so strong to power my electric iron, at that point, i stopped work and closed for the he day.
I immediay informed a mechanic to come fix the gen the next day.

I closed and wet home at about 4pm
on getting home, i had my bath, turned on my generator and re relaxed. At about Powere Holding restored the light, which lasted till bed time.

That was how i spent my day.
Thanks for readinding


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it was indeed a good day indeed bro. just try and ensure to correct a few typing errors next post. one love.

17.04.2021 08:51

@ministeremeka thanks so much for the corrections.
I have effected them

17.04.2021 10:04

You are welcome, the pictures and the locations are familiar sites to me. Namely, AZIKIWE and Jubilee Roads.
Thanks, From,
MR. Joseph Agwu Ogbajie,

17.04.2021 10:50

Thank You

18.04.2021 23:22

Great diary you've put up for the day. Your day was quite eventful and trust you rested well.

18.04.2021 07:47