Dairy-game-8-04-2021 How my day went (Powered up to 100%)

Good morning dear Friends,
How are you doing? Trust you are well.
This is my diary report for the day.

I woke up by 6am, prepared for work.

When I
On my way to work

I branched over a friend's house, we were supposed to go get fabrics from the market for a job he wants me to do for him.
Soon after I arrived, he served breakfast

After the breakfast, we continued to the market where we bought two different sets of fabrics for his job.
I returned to shop with them and started working.
I made a total of two clothes today.

This is a sample of one of the clothes I made today.
It's a female Etibo. It will have three buttons on the chest.

Because of the 8pm - 6am curfew emposed by the Abia state government on Aba, I closed from work at about 6pm and went home.
A friend was to visited me, he waited for me at Imaculate junction and we walked home together, when we got home, we had dinner, and started discussing while we watched the Tv.
I also was helping 2 new recruits familiarize themselves around the steemdworld.
At about 1am, I slept.

That's my diary for the day.
Thank you for reading

Comments 7

Is the breakfast for me😋?
That's great!

09.04.2021 07:06

Asin ehhh.... The meal got my attention.
I love your designs. They are classic.

09.04.2021 07:22

Am grateful

09.04.2021 07:44

It was tasty dear.
That friend of mine can cook for Africa.
@paragonlily thanks

09.04.2021 07:42

The fried eggs is it still remaining😁the cloth is beautiful 😍 tho I have not seen it in full.but it nice

09.04.2021 07:36

The egg looks yummy 😋

09.04.2021 07:40