The Joy of a Non-bidded Curation can only be Found on a Blockchain like Steem with #Newsteem

#Newsteem is a place where everyone will grow. No need for hoarding of votes as 50/50 curation is favourable to both quality content creators and curators alike. - @Uyobong


One beautiful thing about the steem community is the innovations and creative spirit among steemians. Despite the downturn in prices, there are fun-filled creations to encourage more creativity and quality content creation.

@Theycallmedan called all creatives on Steem to create MEMEs and Gifs about #newsteem and what makes it unique. Successful entries were entered into a poll for community stake-based votes.

I personally created the above MEME to depict the acttitude towards curation in #newsteem which is quite encouraging for every quality content creator and as well rewarding for the curators.

I saw an #oldsteem where steemwhales were selfish in that they failed to share their upvotes. Many resorted toself-votes while others sold their votes for better ROI. This actually was based on the old 75/25 curation ratio which earned curators only 25% of their upvote amount.

Now, the story is different. Curators smile with a 50% reward on every upvote they give. This means that, they whales just need to search for the best quality blog and give it a 100% upvote and boom! both the curator and content creator smiles.

Did you Vote for This #NewSteem MEME?

Thank you!

With this new development on Steem, I see more power-ups and more investment on Steem because curation on steem has become a lucrative with an assured ROI in a short time.

Let's keep telling others about Steem.

For the past 18 months I have been on Steem, it has been a really encouraging walk with awesome communities which share joy unlimited - @Steemchurch is just that place to be where imprints of love are left everywhere we find humans.
###### Check #steemchurch #sc-n #sc-v #sc-g #farms and bless your soul with the contents.

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This is favourable

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18.09.2019 07:50

Thank you

18.09.2019 09:14

~Smartsteem Curation Team

18.09.2019 08:32

Thank you

18.09.2019 09:14

Your NewSteem meme really depicts the change in steem curation system.

Thanks for your input @uyobong.

I’ve given my 100 percent up vote, and I’m sure of my 50% ROI lol 😝

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18.09.2019 09:11

Sure brother.

18.09.2019 09:14