Steemchurch GoldenserChallenge #5 & #6 Winners got Steem-Engine Tokens (2,000 SPORTS) Staked as Rewards

Goldencenserchallenge is a weekly contest hosted by brother @Maxdevalue for parishioners and friends of @STeemchurch community who own Telos accounts and are ready to transact the native token of Steemchurch -Beatitudes (HEARTs) on the Telos blockchain.

"Goldencenser" is a contract created by @Sirknight which allows a user to receive the exact amount of HEARTs sent to it but with a value-added Word. The added word is of great value because they are drawn from the scripture and it edifies the spirit, soul and body.


I have been personally blessed with such words I receive from "Goldencenser contract" each time I transact my HEARTs, as such it's just more than a game or a contest, there is much more value to draw from participating in #goldencenserghallenge.

In the past 6 weeks of this contest running, I have been privileged to sponsor the Steem-engine tokens as part of rewards for the winners of the contest. Amazingly, everyone who participates wins. This implies that whoever makes a successful contribution for the contest will always receive rewards and we have had about 100 users rewarded so far.

I transferred the rewards for weeks #5 and #6 which amounted to 2,000 SPORTS to the host of the contest - @Maxdevalue and he has distributed the rewards as stakes to the winners. I am keen about staking the rewards to the winners because I wish to invest into their future. I am well sure that in the near future, those stakes will gain more value.

Here are reports of other rewards like #marlians #Leo stakedin the previous weeks:

- Goldencenser Challenge #3 Results and Rewards

- Goldencenser Challenge #2 Results and Rewards


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Hi @Maxdevalue, you may call out to the winners to make a comment under this post for upvotes to increase their SPORTS rewards.

22.08.2019 16:28