My Gratitude: Some Memories of 2019

The Secret of contentment is the realization that life is a gift and not a right

Reading the above quote by Zig Ziglar got me up to pen this gratitude post despite my current painful situation. Notwithstanding the odds, 2019 has been a great and strategic year for me. I had great successes in my spiritual, career, financial, business and relationship life.

When we see life as gift, we'll appreciate every given moment we are privileged to witness and enjoy. When life is seen as a gift, then we'll live in gratitude all our days.

Also, 2019 has been a very challenging year for me in thr last 5 years, however, my capacity was grown and I see myself launch into 2020 with my strength and vigour.

Below was my ministration in our just concluded Kingdom Dominion Conference. Serving God in the music ministry has been one thing I can never stop doing. I have seen the depths of God in the songs he opens the heaven over my head for.

It also thrills my heart to remember that in July 2019, I was installed as the first elected Technical Secretary of the Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers (NIAE), Akwa Ibom State chapter.

For me, that inauguration was a call to service and that to help boost Agricultural production in our state for food sufficiency. Within then and now, we have successfully:

  • Led undergraduate students for industrial tour to medium scale industries to establish veritable relationships for better operations.
  • Facilitated the Agro Expo 2019 for the six South Southern States in Nigeria.

Much more are on the pipeline for 2020 and I trust that NIAE will be able to leverage blockchain Technology in her operations.

Another strategic event that took place in 2019 was the Higher Life Business Summit tagged "Launchout" where I facilitated as a speaker on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

In that business summit that was well attended by over 100 persons, I was able to present the steem and Telos blockchains categorically and how one can leverage them for career and skills development.

Simply put, 2019 was amazing. I stalled remarkably in my operations and activities on the steem and Telos blockchains respectively. It was a BIG year for me and I was so excited to also promote our blockchain in all possible ways that were available.

On promoting the steem and Telos blockchains, I have ensued the branding of tshirts and other materials to be able to get the mention of Steem and Telos I as many homes, schools and organizations as I can reach. The first samples of the printed t-shirts are below exhibited.

On the whole, I tried my best to see to it that I left some indelible marks positively in the hearts of as many people as I could meet.

I'm grateful to God first for His endowments on me in the year 2019 and to all my family members, friends, teachers and trainees that were a part of my life.

Moreover, I won't fail to appreciate some steem communities that have helped me to grow - @Steemchurch @SportsTalkSocial @threespeak @dblog @Marlians @Steem.leo @Partiko @Blocktrades @Yoodoo among others.

I see a bigger and better 2020.

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Well done man. You have had a really great year and more to come. Love the shirts, I need me one of those.

31.12.2019 20:43

Congrats sir.
Hope to see more in year 2020.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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01.01.2020 01:23