Steemchurch Second Anniversary in few days || I will be Rewarding #proofoflove to Humanity

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I am so excited to be a part of the @Steemchurch family as we commemorate our second anniversary on the steem blockchain.

Steemchurch has always been dedicated to showing love to Humanity. In this second anniversary celebration, our parishioners are tasked to show #proofoflove to mark the anniversary.

We will be sharing love to Humanity and Promoting Steem in the process.

Let's watch out for 11th December, 2019.

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I hope to be a parttaker of this #proofoflove. You're really doing a good job here. More grace!

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07.12.2019 21:52

11.12.2019 08:49

Show of Love 2nd Anniversary of SC. Inter. Ministry. Happy 2nd Anniversary to you all.

11.12.2019 08:52