Cool to see @Sportstalksocial in Top 10 Steem Dapps


It was cool to see that @Sportstalksocial steem stats.

@Sportstalksocial is a SCOT tribe which host sports related content with link - and curation tag being #sportstalk.

Inarguably, sports is one of the most celebrated Content on the internet, especially as sports is unifying factor for most communities, countries and the world at large.

"Sportstalk" has earn much engagement especially as #actifit posts are automatically posted on #sportstalk.

In addition, SPORTS is one of the very cheap steem-engine tokens that has much acceptance and stakes with great promises for many use cases in the near future.

To spice the fun, submit your #sportstalk post as comment to this post to earn some cool Curation.

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People easily identify with sports 🥎

Thanks for the analysis uncle.

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09.11.2019 18:57

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09.11.2019 19:02

Impressive. I see sportstalk moving to top 3 soon at the rate its gaining more users & acceptance

The love people have for sports is one thing that
will make this project succeed more than any other tribe. I just hope the team behind it steer it to the proposes destination.

09.11.2019 19:19