Blocktrades pairing "hive" and "steem" - The Implications on both Chains' Ecosystems

Of all cryptocurrency exchanges I've used, Blocktrades stands out in their operations. Days ago, I was afraid of the future of steem tokens when the steem trading section on the bloctrades exchange was still showing "under maintenance". I thought it was a way to permanently have steem hodlers dump them in the open market. However, I am glad to see that steem now trades against hive on blocktrades, check here.

Minutes ago, I made a post on the hive chain on how the 5-day old hive is already gaining prominence on the cryptospere. Already, hive is leading steem with 140% in value and 1 STEEM is worth about 0.8HIVE at the moment and this feels good for users who have hive and wish to invest the more in steem.

For sure, Justin would try to ensure he doesn't lose his investment on steem and by this he will ensure that the proce stays considerably high for a time. Some of his plans was captured in yesterday's @steemitblog update.

It is cool now that users who intend to use both the steem and hive chains can regulate their investment with the pair of the duo on blocktrades. I see better days for all who have embraced the steem and hive chains and in their uniqueness. Every disappointment may come with blessings in disguise.

I'm getting much interested to see the interaction of the two tokens and this would be a great basis for the competition of both tokens and this would be to the betterment of hodlers. I'm sure steem investors won't watch hive double or tripple steem value and vice versa.

Implications for Steem-Engine Tokens

On seeing the hive-steem pair on blocktrades, I gushed a sigh of relieve at least it gives us hope to be able to trade our steem-engine tokens while we await the hive-chain as @Aggroed had promised weeks from now.

For me, the steem-hive pairing makes it quite easy to transfer your tokens from steem to hive ecosystem and vice versa without losing so much in the course of conversions as would have been the case in using a bitcoin pair.

For me, my stakes of SPORTS, MARLIANS, DBLOG have some more value at least they can be sold out to STEEMP and steem and then converted to hive.

I must sincerely thank the @Blocktrades team for giving us more value for our tokens held in oth the steem and hive chains.

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