"Loved and Care in the Hands of a Loving Mother"

Hi and Hello Steem Families, Friends and Buddies.

Greetings of Peace and Happiness to each one of you. It's been a while since I posted here in Steem as April, May and June is filled with field activities and the internet connection often failed me to update myself here in this platform.

In this post I wish to highlight one person who is loving and caring to the Mindanao youth volunteers and also the community beneficiaries whom the volunteers are serving and helping with.

Allow me to introduce our volunteer mother none other than Nanay (Mother) Marlita.


(She is preparing for the ever loved Suman "Sticky rice filled with caramelised coconut minced meat filling and wrapped with banana leaf". Suman is a well known snacks or dessert to many Filipinos)

Something about Nanay Marlita

She is a suman peddler. She sell suman to earn a living. She is already a window. Her children already have a family.

She is a kindhearted soul. As she often help the volunteers in cooking meals for the supplemental feeding. She also help the volunteers prepared pack lunch for sale to raise some funds.

She often cooked meals to the volunteers in the warehouse when she found out that the volunteers haven't eaten yet and busy with the volunteering activities.

Every now and then she always prepare suman to the volunteers as their breakfast or snacks.

Recently should offered her suman to the community pantry particularly those who haven't eaten yet.



The community pantry felt happy and blessed wihh her suman. As it fills their tummy as they are waiting for the community pantry to be open.

Truly she is a loving and caring person in nature. Her hands at works are pure care for others.

Thank you so much Nanay Marlita for being so gentle, kind, patient, caring and loving mother to the volunteers and also to others.

Bless you always Nanay for your kindness. May the heaven bless you more.

I hope the little story of Nanay Marlita inspire and motivate you about caring and loving for others.

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Comments 7

It is great to have Nanay Marlita around.

24.06.2021 02:16

Very true Ate. Very fortunate ang mga volunteers and beneficiaries ky Nanay Marlita

24.06.2021 06:32

That is my favorite suman. God bless your mother.

24.06.2021 04:33

Thanks much my dear friend. But Nanay Marlita is not my biological mother. But she is a true mother to us volunteers.

24.06.2021 06:35

Wow, very delicious suman. Pagkaing Pinoy..

24.06.2021 10:28

An example of the good Samaritan. God bless her more. Sana mas marami pang Nanay Marlita sa mundo.

24.06.2021 14:19

Hoping and praying ate na Maraming nanay Marlita sa mundo natin. Salamat sa inyong positibong mensahe ate.

26.06.2021 01:00