Career guidance in biology subject after 10 class: in India

After class X, some students choose the biology subject as their main subject and prepare for NEET exams. Just a few days ago, the NEET result came, this time the cut-off was too high. Definitely bad results cools the excitement and causes depression in children. But we have to understand our children as parents that this is not the end of life, but it is just the beginning.
Let us talk about some fields where a child can make a career if there is no selection in NEET exam. If our selection is not in the NEET, then first of all we should think about what other career we want to think of in the field of biology or we want to change our field.

Whenever you choose biology as your subject, you often think of becoming a doctor. But there is also a lot of options in biology. Like other subjects, biology is not just a subject of doctor, but there are many areas where you can pursue your career in same subject. If you don't want to go to the doctor, the Bachelor in Physiotherapy course is now in great demand where you can make up well income. In today's era the demand of this course is higher. This course is of a 4-year period and the student can earn approximately 2 to 3 lacs per annum. As your experience grows in this field, your salary will continue to increase. Bachelor in Pharmacy courses at today's time are also quite trendy. Every detail of drugs is taught inside the course. This course is 4 years duration and the candidate can also take the M Pharma course if desired. You then get a certificate based on which you can open your own medical shop or work as a medical representative.

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