Sleep Disorders

Lack of good sleep is also a major cause of many health problems. Therefore, take any problem related to sleep seriously, otherwise you may suffer from many problems.

According to research, more than 90 percent of Indians do not get enough sleep in their current lifestyle. The sleep of 72 percent of Indians is broken one to three times during the night. 11 percent of people have to take leave due to lack of sleep. Despite this, only 2 percent of people consult a doctor for less sleep problems. People often go to the doctor when they become victims of insomnia disease.

What are the reasons?
If the lifestyle is stressful, people tend to sleep less, which can turn into a problem of insomnia.
Being too busy with work.
Waking up late at night continuously.
Traveling while sleeping etc.
Eating large amounts of food in the evening.
Lack of sleep can be due to some illness.
Some medicines can cause less sleepiness.
Excess intake of caffeine, nicotine can cause less sleep.

What are the dangers?
Myocardial infarction: Continuous reduced sleep can cause a heart attack.
Asthma attack: Less sleep problems in a patient with asthma can cause seizures.
Epilepsy: Lack of sleep can lead to epileptic seizures.
Inflammation: Insomnia can cause inflammation in the body. Insomnia can increase the sensation of pain.
Depression: If there is less sleep for a long time or there is a state of insomnia, then the person can be a victim of depression.
Irritability: If sleep is not complete, then after some time irritability starts coming in nature. This can lead to abnormal behavior.
Memory: Lack of sleep affects memory.
Diabetes: According to a report in the journal Nature Genetics, lack of sleep can lead to symptoms of diabetes.
High blood pressure: Less sleep can lead to high blood pressure.
Obesity: According to an American research, less than six hours of sleep can cause obesity. According to research, the increasing size of the stomach is also related to irregular sleep.

Good sleep tips
Make it a habit to sleep at a fixed time in the night.
Take some time off from stressful activities an hour before bedtime.
Follow an active lifestyle.
Think positively.
Avoid strong food and beverages before bedtime.
Drinking honey mixed with cold milk before bed improves sleep.
Make the sleeping room comfortable.
Avoid consumption of coffee, alcohol and smoking.
Avoid the habit of getting unnecessary sleep during the day.
According to some studies, eating a handful of cherries before sleeping, then sleep will be good. Cherries are rich in melatonin, which regulates the body's internal cycle.
Massaging mustard oil in the soles before bedtime can help overcome the problem of sleeplessness.
If you can't sleep, read a book or listen to music.
Include yoga, pranayama and meditation in your routine.
Take green tea before sleeping.

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