Everything You Should Know About Anxiety Disorder

People suffering from Anxiety disorder have feelings of fear & extreme dilemma which interfere with everyday activities. Anxiety Disorder can also raise our risk for other medical problems like heart problems, diabetes, and depression.
According to a few large study upon US people, up to 33.7 percent of people has experienced some form of anxiety disorder during their lifetime. Each year it affects nearly 1 in 5 American adults.

According to American Psychological Association (APA), Anxiety-Disorder is "an emotion i.e. characterized by the feelings of tension, worried thoughts & physical changes like increased blood pressure, etc."

The medications are available to fix the Anxiety-Disorder. Docs may prescribe you the medication alone or in the combination with cognitive-behavioral-therapy (CBT) or another kind of therapy.

Symptoms of anxiety disorder

Suffering from anxiety disorder can be debilitating but can be fixed with the help of professional experts. When somebody is suffering from Anxiety Disorder he goes on a high alert, looking or unexpectedly feeling for possible danger & begins to fight responses. conclusively he goes through the following symptoms:

  1. Excessive Worrying or Over Thinking:
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Needless to say that over-thinking or excessive-worrying is one of the most frequent symptoms of anxiety disorder. Excessive worrying about daily life routine is a hallmark of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), especially when it is severe enough to interfere with daily life & persists almost daily for six months or more.

  1. Agitation:
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When someone is feeling anxious, their sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive. These symptoms occur because our brain believes that we have sensed the danger/alert, & thus it's preparing our body to react to counter the threat. Our body shunts the blood away from our digestive-system and toward our muscles in case if we need to run or fight or do some physical activity. It also increases our heart rate & heightens our senses. While these effects would be helpful in case of the true threat or danger, these all can be debilitating if the fear is all in our head.

  1. Restlessness/Nervousness:
    Nervousness in people

Another symptom of anxiety especially found in children & adults. It is a very common feeling brought on by the stress response of our body which involves a series of hormonal & physiological responses that help to prepare us to handle a perceived or imagined threat. Our body prepares to fight or flee a threat by boosting adrenaline production.

  1. Fatigue:
    ANXIETY Disorder Symptom | Fatigue

When you’re fatigued, you have neither motivation nor energy. Talking about symptoms, being sleepy might be one of the main reasons for fatigue, but it’s not the same thing. In other words, being fatigued is another potential symptom of generalized anxiety disorder. Still, it’s unclear whether fatigue is due to other common symptoms of anxiety, like insomnia or whether it may be related to the hormonal effects.
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