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I hope all of my friends are doing well and contributing to this community, particularly the admins @azamrai who run this group and are doing an excellent job.
By the way, I can tell you about my everyday activities, but I believe I need to try something new.
I have to do things that I enjoy communicating about, but I want to do something different from anyone else. So I've made a sketch . Now I am share with you.

Drawing of Robot


Robort is a technology that is playing a major role in making our daily lives easier. It is not only a robot in human form but it is a machinery that uses us in various matters.
It was very easy for me to draw from it so I have drawn in front of you and now I will tell you about the different types of Robot which are described below.

Types of Robot

There are many types of Robot that are making man's life easier.

  • Medical Robot
  • Chef Robot
  • War robot
  • Agriculture robot

Medical Robot

In medical robot, different types of medicines were delivered to the doctor and different types of medicines were made .

Chef Robot

Robert also cooks and cooking in the life of an ordinary person, mostly working in hotels and also working in restaurants.

War robot

We cannot imagine that such a technology has been discovered today that has even come to the robot of those who take part in a war and help an ordinary soldier in running and many have taken part in the war.

Agriculture robot

Robert also plays an important role in agriculture. They plays a major role in growing and reaping crops.

These were different types of robots and so along with my drawings I have told you about the different types of robots and their different functions because I want to increase my knowledge as well as drawing.


Hope that all of will be like my post

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You have prepared the post very well and the robot that is shown in it has been created in a very beautiful way and the robot that happens nowadays is showing a lot of future and reporting the work of human beings. The post is very well prepared, of course commendable

21.05.2021 13:19

Beautiful drawing
Your post is informative
100% unique



22.05.2021 02:34