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I hope all the friends are well and are doing a good job in this committee and especially the admins @azamrai who run this community who are doing this community well .By the way I can tell you about my daily life but I think I have to do something different .I have to do activities that I love to communicate but I want to do different from all. I have drawing what I think That is a very good activity for me.So I have already worked hard on this community while maintaining my hard work. I have already worked and this time I want to share my drawing to all my friends.
This is what I have drawn. This is a guy who has done a great job with my effort. I hope you like this drawing because I have never done a drawing before but I am interested in my activation. I'm doing this to increase so that I can do the same thing and give people will be impress through my hard work.

Drawing of Panda


About Panda

Panda is an slowly animal . is called bear but panda is called english and in Urdu and English .

History of Panda

which was mostly found in China and was native to the area and the panda used to live in the plains in ancient times but due to the large human population they have now moved to the hilly areas and from there they have made their home and live there.

Interesting Facts about Panda

There is interesting information about panda that they eat food for 12 hours from 24 hours when they are just babies, they work when they are babies and then their food is mostly bamboo tree and These eggs can be eaten.

These are just a few of the things I knew about Panda and I've tried to explain to you better.

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Beautiful drawing.


Thanks for sharing

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