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Urdu Community Daily Activity report || 18-12-2021

First of all, the number of subscribers in the Urdu community will be 3353. And there are 61 active people in the Urdu community who are still working, posting a variety of posts. All the people in the Urdu community who are active are doing a great job on Steemit

Urdu community activities report table

[Today total Posting]() [previous day posting]() [total activity]()
45 40 61

Trending Post Report Table

[The trends in the posts]() [Number]()
Article 12
Thediarygame 20
Food 3
Photography 7
Religion 3

Best Trending Post report table

[The five best posts selected by the Urdu community]()

Sr# username post link
1 @yousafharoonkhan post link
2 @haseeb.asif.khan post link
3 @khang572 post link
4 @tahirkhan1122 post link
5 @foziafaisal post link
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