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Curation Report #18 - Steem Urdu Community

Hi Every one!

It is Curation Report #18 and The Urdu Community will try to publish three reports in a week in this regard so that it can be known how many posts are curated daily or weekly from the account of [Urdu Community](]()
|2.|@haseeb.asif.khan| []()
|3.|@amirhayat| []()
|5.|@zubairkhan422| []()
|6.|@tahirkhan1122| []()
|7.|@noorgull| []()
|8.|@shafqatmahmood| []()
|9.|@saleemkhana| []()
|10.|@noreensajawal| []()
|12.|@uzma4882| []()
|14.|@hassan920| []()
|16.|@sadiausaf| []()
|17.|@abdulrabkhan| []()
|18.|@adeebkhan| []()

[Summary Curation Report January

Total Post Curator Account Previous post CR1+CR2 NC
37 urdu-community 564 564+37=601 18

Thank you all for joining and posting in Urdu community. Thanks to the steemit team, @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @steemigblog for your great support.



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