The Jeffrey Epstein-Barr Virus: Knowing The Symptoms Could Save Your Life!

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The evil that stalks the innocent on Earth exists first as thoughts and denials within individuals.. A kind of sexual thought virus has been quietly evolving behind closed doors - gradually the pus has formed and now we feel more of the pain that has been here all along.

We aren't dealing with a single specific subgroup of society that can easily be pointed at - this evil is formless, though it has many human forms co-opted to it's agenda. The predators can be found in all walks of life and from most regions of the planet. All that being said, it is clear that there is a repeating pattern when it comes to exploitation and abuse on this planet - power hungry men, typically of the 'white' (pink) variety - exploiting whoever they can to play out the programs that their unconscious feelings of low self worth tell them to.

This video connects Jeffrey Epstein directly and indirectly to a wide variety of unusual people, including Aleister Crowley and Elon Musk! Anyone wanting to understand the bigger picture of dysfunction on Earth and how to correct it would be greatly helped by taking the time to dig deep here.

You can also read a whole lot more on this topic in this great post from @v4vapid and @rebelskum (Many more connected names and threads to follow):

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

Links from the video - The Talented Mr. Epstein - Vicky Ward - Did Jeffrey Epstein work for Mossad? - Epstein Flight Logs - Larry Summers - Trump crowd changes 'Send her back' - All rapes Trump accused of - Trump can't go back to where he came from - Bill Barr steps down - Tom McMillen
- Cohn / Epstein / Maxwell Honeypot - Tragedy & Hope 101 - Child Rape Assembly Line

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Strange how words collude and collide, but I can't help but point out the curious coincidence of both Jeffrey Epstein and William Barr as key players in Trumpworld— a moral variant of 'Epstein-Barr syndrome', a lethal virus upon our social order and institutions.

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20.07.2019 22:33

great post i really like the one about epstein and the scientists
alaister crowley sacrificed his own two children
so its no surprise epstein is related to these people lol'
have a great day man
i learned things about epstein today that i didnt know although wasted quite a few hours watching your videos lol

20.07.2019 23:53

I'll take that as a compliment. lol ;)

21.07.2019 00:02

i still have another three videos to watch here lol
maybe watch one more
i skipped the first one

20.07.2019 23:57

richie allen is a good interviewer
finally finished
good night bud

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