I am a book writer so I will be using this opportunity to share some points from my latest book (exposing the secret keys to academic excellence).
An academic star is someone who believes enough in his own ability to pass any subject or course of study without depending on external help. An academic star is someone who would rather settle down with his books instead of settling teachers or lecturers. I could go on and on but I think you’ve gotten the general picture.
I will like to share with you some of the keys to make your reading fun.point 1 is:

Teach what you most want to learn
“What you are about to learn will expose the secrets of all teachers and show you how to take advantage of it and move ahead academically?”
Many students are always at the receiving end; being taught a subject they feel they have no ability in. for years; they keep trying to learn by just being taught alone. They fail to realize that true learning begins when you can explain what you have been taught to someone else.
The question you must be asking now is: what if you have never been taught? How can you teach someone else? In reality it is unusual to have never been taught anything at all on a particular subject. But even in such cases, you have textbooks. If all you can do is read up a definition and find someone to explain what you have understood, you will find out that you know more than you give yourself credit for.
“If you would thoroughly know anything, teach it to others”. –Tyron Edwards.
Permit me to tell you a story about myself. During my National Diploma, I was asked by a female course mate to teach her a course I was experiencing difficulty in. I was too embarrassed to come out straight and say I didn’t know it. What I did was to use my hand out and try to explain it to her. Then a strange thing began to happen. The more I explained, the more I understood what the course was all about. It got to a point when I could teach her without making reference to my notes. I passed that course easily without any stress at all.
While I was writing that course during exams, I could recall all that I had thought my course mate and wrote what was required word for word. I didn’t have much time to read but teaching her that course gave me all the understanding in needed. Well, if you can’t find anyone to teach, look for a dog. That is, of course if it is patient enough to sit down and hear you. For it is more productive to teach than to just receive teaching. For the more you teach what you know, the more you know. “Teaching is the cheapest way to read”.

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