What if we love one another
And live beneath a single roof?
What if you become my shoulder
And I become your helping hoof?


What if we forgive another
And forget about our wrongs?
What if we erase the borders
And begin to sing one song*?

What if we bury our bombs and guns
And let thunders be the only noise?
What if we slay violence and crime
And embrace virtues dear and tight?

What if we see ourselves as one
And make 'ADAM' our family name?
What if we behave like the clustered bees
And hum and move around at once?

What if we build a giant desk
And sit to discuss our progress?
What if we begin from now on
And continue on for ever more?



What if we love one another?
What if we show we care?
What if we help our brothers
And draw the helpless near?

What if we all hold hands
And With clean hearts smile?
What if we can shift grounds,
And make love worth the while?

What if we pray,
And cared for all?
What if we stay,
And re-stand our walls?

What if we show,
How much we care?
What if we erase
The orphan's fear?

What if we Love one another?
And stand together for a change?
What if we help around and over
Would goodness still be strange?

In my few years of omnivorous reading and solitary observation on humans and their in inter-personal relationship, I have come to love the wonderful power of questioning.


At times, a question is the best help or explanation you can give a fellow.
Ask me a question and you would get me thinking.

To be frank, we would not be faithful's, until we love for our brethren, what we love for ourselves.

Therefore, the need to love every man is a matter of concern.

Let's come together sincerely to put out that blazing fire of enmity.
It's time we re-traced our lineage to our great FATHER, ADAM!

It is only love that can spore two or more poets to sit to write a piece.


let's see if these many (what if) questions would help us think to grow to love and cherish one another.

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