Universal Police

The universe is vast and big, when compared to the size of a planet like Earth. Looking at the sky, you can see many stars and other celestial objects.

You hear the words “Universal Police” and you think, what does it mean? Police of the Universe?

Let me tell you a story. I had a vision, where everything in the end, will be ruled by people with exceptional determination, strength, caution, righteousness, justice, while at the same time, ensuring stability, kindness, impartiality, offering a proper chance to everyone and making sure that one person or group would not forget these values because forgetting them would lead to empires and pyramid schemes. A society and group strong enough to resist the lure of pyramid schemes and vanity would surely keep the society as it is through a stable and good course for every member of it. This kind of group, would have tremendous strength and authority to make sure, that in the end, it would clean up all evil, by eliminating it at the informational level with logic and reason, thus transforming the people who were once bad into good people. It’s strength would be unparalleled and it would rule forever, for all eternity.

This would change everything. It would challenge even those who think they are the most high, while they are in reality, corrupt. The balance of power would finally be, in favor of those who are truly good, 100%. It would be, a perfect world. Even if there is a very high diversity of people, souls, ideas, it would be a world where everything would be done to perfection. In that world, the idea of doing things wrong, will be treated with caution.

This is pretty much what will become of it. There is always more information that could continue this story. Someday, the limits of the universe will be tested. Once upon a time, I thought the highest objective possible, would be to break the limits of the universe. It will remain to be seen, whether the word ‘break’ is appropriate.

Now, focusing on our reality, this is how this group who calls itself here, Universal Police, will act.

Building evidence and making it all public, using various methods of peer to peer file sharing over the internet, should make for a transparent environment which will help achieve the goals of informing the public, realizing their situation and doing what’s good for everyone.

Once a community of dedicated people will work together and cooperate into making things good for everyone, the main idea of this project will be achieved. But, the expansionist structure that it would be looking forward, is being Universal.

It will be a source of hope and life for everyone!


Comments 2

thought you wrote this :( but the writing content is amazing

11.01.2020 21:49

I though you were good-intentioned but naive, but now you are starting to sound evil.

We are fighting to preserve our privacy and you suddenly appear, to tell us that you want to open files on all of us and anything you do not approve of, what we do or the way we think, you will make public so as to destroy us.

All I can do is hope somebody does it to you and any other idiots you may gather to become part of this evil plot.

11.01.2020 22:15