The Three Cartas

If you remember Magna Carta, it was used first by King John in 1215 to keep order in England. Later on it was used as an inspiration by the Founding Fathers of America, to write the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776.

What are the “Three Cartas”?

What are the most important books that ever defined society as it is? What are they?

What book managed to inspire wisdom to a whole new level, that founded a School of Thought and later on was an inspiration for the Foundation of Buddhism?

That book is Tao Te Ching. It talks about Tao, or the Way. It is the way of water. I’d give it the color blue.

What book is currently the best selling book of all time? What book did inspire faith and helped creating one of the biggest faith movements of all time? It is The Holy Scripture, or as it is also named, The Bible. White or Gold would be a fitting color for it.

What book or writings create one of the best foundations of Government? It is none other than The Republic, written by Plato. It contains a very nice dialogue on rules that would govern best it’s citizens. I’d give this, the color Red.

The three cartas, the three colors, are Tao Te Ching (blue), The Holy Scripture (Gold/White) and The Republic (red).

They are the top three foundation documents that define the organisation called Universal Police.

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