Snowuary - Sunset River Tour - Flying a Paramotor in Canadian Winter

So, I bundled up and tackled the deep snow in my field to take another sunny (but cold) winter fly day on my paramotor. It was about -3°C (26F), but the flight was awesome with just beautiful colored skies at sundown. I fly about 1.5hrs. Hope you like the scenery.

Please subscribe on youtube if you want to see more of these flying adventures, I don't post many, but will continue some.

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Hi unipsycho,

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03.02.2020 18:57

Friend I can't live with so much snow and so cold, I freeze!
This must be a full adrenaline experience. Just by watching the video I feel vertigo. It is exciting to watch your flight. Regards @unipsycho

03.02.2020 23:41

Hi @marcybetancourt, I agree about the snow and cold, I make the most of it, but don't like it. Summer time here is awesome though, and while the seasons are to have, our winter is FAR TOO long.

As for the flight, it can be quite a rush yes. It's very relaxing though at the same time, just sitting in the air viewing the scenery. It really depends how you fly, but either way, its amazing everytime! Thanks for the comment!

04.02.2020 02:26