Who Killed Sara? review - Lots of potential in this Netflix original series!

I am on a good run and have seen quite a lot of good series on Netflix recently. I posted my review of The One a few days ago, a series that I truly appreciated, and today I would like to write about another Netflix original newcomers, the Spanish series named Who Killed Sara? (at least that is the English title). The original title is: ¿Quién Mató a Sara?.

Who Killed Sara has 10 episodes and each episode lasts for 40 minutes, making it quite ideal for streaming over a couple of days or weeks.


What is Who Killed Sara all about?

We are very soon invited to the day on which Sara died. It was an accident, at least so it looks at first. She is hanging in a parachute after a boat when the wires holding the chute suddenly get broken and she falls into the water from high above and dies. At that given time, she was together with Rodolfo, the son of a big casino owner and a very influential man, Cesar Lazcano. But, someone has to be blamed for the death, and thus, the brother of Sara, Alex makes a deal with Cesar which makes him take the blame for everything. He is told that he will go to jail for some weeks or a month, but after that, he will be released and receive lots of money, and Cesar will take care of his mother.

18 years later Alex is released from prison. His mother died soon after he went to prison. He is angry, and he wants revenge. Now he will do everything in his power to get revenge, and also to discover what really happened to Sara. Everything is set in order for a great plot, and there are lots of interesting twists taking place in every episode.

This is also what I would call a "hot" Spanish series, meaning that it is quite packed with sexual and erotic scenes.


How did I feel watching Who Killed Sara on Netflix?

To be honest, I really enjoyed the show. It was interesting, it managed to keep my interest, and there were several parts of the story that always made me curious about what would happen next. It doesn't progress too quickly, but they still managed to make all ten episodes mostly interesting!

But... (some spoilers)

I remember when I sat down to watch the tenth episode. I had no clue what to expect, but I really looked forward to seeing how it would end. That is when the shock came. In the end, no answers were really given, instead, we were just given even more questions and a clear understanding that we will have to wait for a second season to understand more. That was a clear bummer to me and a big disappointment.

I do understand that they want to create a second season. But, for me who didn't even know that there would be a second season, it felt disappointing to watch ten episodes and be left with nothing but even more questions.

I recently watched The One (as I mentioned earlier), and they have clearly left it open so that the story can be continued in a second season. But, they still managed to finish the first season by giving some answers and some clarity, while keeping enough questions open to make it interesting with a second season.

The same can be said about the series Lupin (the French series). The five episodes of season 1 left us with much unanswered, but they also managed to give us some answers. And that is needed!

In other words, I feel disappointed about being left out in the dark after watching ten episodes, and it almost makes me less interesting in the second season (which it seems to me might be released in May 2021, but I am not sure).

All in all, a really good series, but a disappointing way to end the first season!

My Who Killed Sara season 1 review: 7/10

Have you seen this show? How did you like it? I would really love to hear your thoughts and comments about this show. Did you like it? It currently has a 6,7/10 score on IMDb, something I consider to be quite fair.

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