When I thought I had found a curation trail solution... it stopped working!

Haha, I have just got to laugh. There has been trouble with the PH-fund curation trail recently, and I was one of many people who have been searching for a solution. That was what made me discover follow.steems.top, a place where you could do mostly the same as with SteemAuto, only with a worse interface. I actually even wrote about it a few days ago and showed everyone how it works and how it can be used. And for 4-5 days I was using it and it worked perfectly...

But, then it went down, and now it hasn't been working for 3 entire days. That would be a catastrophe, for the ph-fund curation trail, and for everyone using the service in one way or another.


So, this post is nothing else than really me telling you that the service I believed to be good isn't good and stable after all, and the way I see it, a poorly working SteemAuto is way better than a service that isn't working at all.

In other words, forget about my most recent post... and hopefully, if I return with something similar in the future, it will be of greater help than my previous post!

Keep up the great work here in the Project Hope community, and thank you everyone for all your great articles and contributions!

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At least you have brought a solution to the table.

29.03.2021 11:59

Yeah, but unfortunately, it wasn't a good one.... :(

29.03.2021 13:13

Thanks for keeping us updated you are doing a good one friend.

29.03.2021 22:55

Thanks for sharing you're doing good here best regards.

30.03.2021 07:24