Vaccination passports are a reality... Iceland will start welcoming vaccinated tourists tomorrow!

A few months ago, I wrote an article that dealt with COVID-19 in which I also mentioned the possibility of vaccination passports turning into reality. Well, they are already discussing it bigtime in the EU (in order to let vaccinated Europeans be able to enjoy a nice summer holiday abroad this summer), but Iceland is a country that has taken action even faster.

No people with Covid in Icelandic hospitals

According to an article, I wrote last week, 5 people out of 100,000 in Iceland had then. Today I wrote that currently there are NO PEOPLE in hospital in Iceland at all with Covid. As a result, life is actually quite nice and normal in the country, which again has made the country ready to allow visitors once again. That is why Iceland will allow people from other countries to visit them once again, as long as they have official documents confirming that they have been infected with Covid and are healthy again, or that they have received an official vaccine against Covid.

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It might feel like a world that we do not want to live in, but I can easily understand why they decide to take such measures. The economy is in great need of visitors, and then it is much better to allow someone to come than nobody at all. And when more and more people get vaccinated, more and more people will be allowed to come. And if the danger has disappeared, then the vaccination passport might not be needed at all.

Time to get a vaccine?

Personally, I would love to get a vaccine, but I am still way down on the list, meaning that it might take some more months before I get my vaccine. Even though I live in one of the most efficient European countries, I am still far away from a vaccine.

Will all vaccines be accepted?

This leads to the next question. In the EU, most people are vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, with Moderna, and with AstraZeneca (which has received quite a lot of bad attention lately). But, what about those elsewhere who will be vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik vaccine or the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine? Will they have the same rights as everyone else, or will EU countries only give rights to those vaccinated with the "correct" vaccines?

The future isn't secure, and it is hard to predict what will happen tomorrow, next weeks, in half a year, and in two years from now!

What do you think about this? Have you been vaccinated? How is the vaccination going in your country? I would love to hear your thoughts, your experience, and whatever might be on your heart dealing with this topic!

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This is an original article written by me for Project Hope!

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Hello @unbiasedwriter
I am well down the list to be vaccinated, but I particularly have my reservations about it, as I am based in Buenos Aires, Argentina; so far there are only two vaccines referred to here: the Russian Sputnik and the Chinese Sinopharm.
Have a great day!

17.03.2021 18:51

Good luck! Hope you will get your vaccine as quickly as possible!

18.03.2021 05:25

correct vaccine? I would say if a vaccine is backed by strong data, it's a correct one. This should not be an issue but if it is, that would be racial, not logical.

17.03.2021 21:53

The problem within the EU, is that they still haven't received date from the phase 3 testing of Sputnik and of Sinopharm, and thus, they have not accepted this officially, and that is what might cause trouble. in other words, those European countries using those vaccines, have done so bypassing EU, and just making direct contact with Russia and China... this is what might cause traveling trouble, but I am not sure!

18.03.2021 05:26

At least they want to make sure not spreading the illness in Iceland again.

17.03.2021 22:22

I am in the middle of vaccination with Sputnik. Took the first shot last week and will have the second one in 2 weeks.

Most probably, all vaccines will be accepted and qualified in EU. The only reason Sputnik is not in the list, is because official papers were sent to EU regulators only on March, 4th. Some political games are taking place. I heard an opinion, Putin deliberately hold the docs to use it as a political argument. Like EU countries don't use Sputnik for purely political reasons and let people die instead of getting vaccinated.

18.03.2021 07:57

Thanks for your answer... any side effects after the first vaccine? I hope Sputnik will receive EU acceptions soon... For sure lots of politics in this, but I hope they see that the need for vaccines is greater than their political battles because people truly need them! Where do you live by the way? Always interesting to learn more about which vaccines people use here and there!

18.03.2021 09:58

No side effect so far. I'm from Russia. We can get vaccine for free. Usually you wait less than a week to get your shot.

18.03.2021 10:04

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