Urechis unicinctus - the Chinese Penis Fish...

I just read about the most interesting fish in a post written by @abitcoinskeptic. In it, I could read about the so called penis fish, sold in markets in South Korea and in China. Of course, the name of the fish made me curious, and so I decided to read some more about this fish that looks absolutely terrifying... just like most penises do!

By ProjectManhattan - Own work, CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=19330493

For fun, I sent a picture of this to my family in a message, and I quickly got all sorts of funny responses. As we are having guests over this evening, I told them that we would serve them this penis fish. The response I got was: "I want it medium done." That is, not well fried, but just a little bit. That sounded really disgusting to me, and that made the surprise even bigger when I discovered that the fish is often eaten raw with salt and sesame oil in China. Can you imagine something more disgusting? Or have you actually eaten this? The penis fish is normally between 10-30 centimeters.

But, that isn't all. I then look for more information on YouTube where I found this video. If I had lost all my appetite before, then this video for sure removed any remaining desire to taste this fish.

Here you can see how it is prepared, and you can clearly see first of all... what is inside the fish, and then... how they simply cut the skin into tiny pieces and throw them in a plate, wash them, and suddenly... they are ready to be served!

Did you get hungry right now? I did not, but I for sure enjoyed learning something about one of the strangest fishes out there. I hope you have enjoyed it as well! :)

Wish you all a wonderful day everyone!

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