The least interesting Academy Awards I can ever remember...

The Academy Awards have been handed out also in 2021. A bit delayed as the original date was in February, but due to Covid, we had to wait until April. Sometimes, things get even more exciting when you have to wait for them to come along. But, if I have to think about the Oscars' in 2021, I would say that I completely forgot about the event as they decided to delay it. Do you know why?

Why didn't I have any interest in the Academy Awards in 2021?

It might just be me, but I didn't have an interest at all in the event. The only award I was a bit interest in was the Best Original Song, in which I hoped that the song from the Netflix original movie Eurovision Song Contest would win, simply because I have a sentimental relationship to the Eurovision Song Contest, and thus, I also enjoyed the movie. Besides that, I didn't care at all.

But, why didn't I care?
I guess the fact that I haven't been to cinema for a year impacted this feeling a lot. Other movies have been postponed (like James Bond), and I feel as if the last year has been about cheaper productions and not the typical number of star productions. It is great to see new movies as they arrive to Netflix, Amazon, and HBO, but a fantastic movie should be seen in cinema, and not at home on a small TV screen (or even worse, on a laptop screen).

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When the cinemas are up and running, you also see news about the most popular movies in the cinema at the moment, you see stats, and people invite you and tell you to check out all sorts of movies they consider to be great.

Covid has changed it all...

There are still fantastic movies, and of course, lots of B-movies. But, the fantastic and big productions have been cancelled or delayed, and I believe that is what has caught this ignorance about the Academy Awards this year.

People have called this years awards the "year of variety." That might be very true, and it is probably positive for the industry and for those with a lower budget. It has made it easier for smaller countries and less well-known productions to break through and win themselves a name.

However, I am a fan of mainstream movies, and I have missed the traditional Hollywood cinema experience in 2020/21. The biggest title might have been WonderWoman 1984. I watched it at home on my TV on December 26th. I ate chips, I drank Coke, and I had a great time... but it wasn't the same.


The Oscars' need the cinemas...

What am I saying? I guess this is my own, almost stupid opinion, but I think I actually need the cinemas in order for the Academy Awards to be interesting, at least to me.

Stupid comparison, but who needs a porsche to drive on a terrible road allowing 30km/h speed? It is just boring and stupid. In the same way, a fantastic movie needs more than a home TV screen, it requires a big cinemascreen in order for the audience to really enjoy it.

I know, people who understand the industry will not agree with me. Those who see all special effects will not agree with me. But, I don't want to convince anyone at all. I just wanted to let you all know why I found this years Oscars' to be boring and not interesting at all!

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I read a blurb about how even though their viewership numbers have ben dropping for years that it dropped by 50% this year. I blame the fact that the average viewer is tired of being lectured by millionaire celebrities about how we are destroying the world with global warming while they fly around in their private jets or have a best actor winner spend 10 seconds accepting the award and then 9 minutes lecturing us about how we should all be vegans.

We have Twitter for this and the public is tired of seeing it during an award show. Therefore most people just look to see who one the following day. I know that is what I did.

27.04.2021 05:00

I didn't think about this as a possible fact for lack of interest, but of course, I do remember how Leonardo di Caprio spoke about this when he won his Oscar a few years ago. But, I didn't think much about it then, I was only annoyed that he won an Oscar for his role in the incredibly boring movie The Revenant... If he ever shouldn't have won an Oscar, that was then!

27.04.2021 05:06

I was only annoyed that he won an Oscar for his role in the incredibly boring movie The Revenant

yeah, me too. I think that this showcased how the Academy is rigged and they felt like it was "his turn" to win. Blood Diamond should have won him an award if he was going to get one for anything. He did quite well in Once upon a time in Hollywood as well.

27.04.2021 05:53