Suddenly I got afraid - I don't want to forget to take profit!

Yesterday was the day when Ethereum crossed the 4,000 USD barrier for the first time in its history. This was only one week after it crossed the $3,000 barrier for the first time in its history. Things are going fast, and it is more addictive than drugs (I don't really know that because I have never done drugs... except for drinking Coca-Cola), but it for sure has an addictive effect on your body when your portfolio keeps growing.

And yes, my own portfolio has grown 10x in value since November-December 2020. That is just crazy! It feels so cool, and it is so easy to brag about it when you speak to your friends who are tempted to buy their first cryptocurrencies right now.

But, yesterday, I suddenly got scared... I don't want to sit here and suddenly realize that I didn't make any profit, and thus my profits were only a "theoretical" profit, because I never really turned it into USDT, USDC, or withdrew it to my actual bank account.

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How big a percentage of your portfolio is USDT or any other stablecoin?

This is the question that I asked myself yesterday. How much of my portfolio is in stablecoins, meaning that the value will remain the same, even though Bitcoin should go to $1,000?

As I looked through the statistics, I realized that due to my profit-taking, it might be somewhere around 10%. Now, that might be good, but if the crypto market should collapse, I will regret not changing more of my crypto into stablecoins.

Many of my preconceived plans have been changed during the bullrun. If I had followed my plans, then I would nearly have any cryptos right now, and everything would have been sold a long time ago. In other words, I haven't followed my plan, and right now - that feels good. But, if the market should collapse (and sometimes it most likely will), then I will regret it.

Yesterday I sold some here and there

That led me to actually sell some crypto here and there yesterday. I didn't sell a lot, but I sold a little bit, probably increasing the stablecoin rate in my portfolio to 15%.

Steemit and Hive are all powered up, so I don't really count it in my portfolio (but if I did, it would be a very big part of it). These platforms are long-term investments, meaning that I just keep working, and I hope that one day, this in itself will be enough to make a living from my activities here.

How are you doing? Are you taking profit?

I know many people here take profits regularly because that is their way of paying their bills. I am so blessed that I don't need this platform to pay my bills, and that makes it possible for me to continuously power up whatever I earn and just keep it on the platform. I am lucky in that way! But, I am also so happy to see that this platform already now helps people pay their bills... that is the way it is supposed to be! :)

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Hello friend, it is certainly scary sometimes to invest and not know what will happen, but if we don't take the risk we will never win. I hope steemit and hive keep rising that has been beneficial for all of us and of course that bitcoin continues to rise. Regards

11.05.2021 17:46

I agree with most of the content you share @unbiasedwriter although it is important to note, that "stablecoins" have little no nothing of stable, (unless you look at them from a comparison with altcoins), and this is particularly important to note, because eventhough their proce or valu doesnt really change much, they still feel the infflation hit when you excecute and sell. Great article

11.05.2021 22:07

I try to take profit at certain stages. It's a wild space here and anything can happen at any time. However, I buy the dip too, lol

12.05.2021 03:29

The crypto space is very unpredictable but whatever decision you make, just learn to take the result in good fate. There are coins, however, that have long term potentials that you cannot go wrong if you hodl. But again, your decision is yours.
Nice piece buddy

12.05.2021 13:41