Steemit has a new editor... I am happy about all improvements!

Today I was welcomed by a new editor at the Steemit platform. It isn't a secret that I miss the former Steempeak platform, not because of the editor itself, but because of different functions like the chance to create templates and several other functions that was found.

I am not the only one who has been a bit sad seeing that Steempeak left, but I do hope that the updated editor is just a way of saying that "even more changes are on the way" for the users of Steemit!


I can clearly be seen that there are more and more people coming to the Steem platform, and they all use Steemit. The platform has a great potential, and now is the time to make it even better.

I do love the fantastic Steemit Crypto Courses, which I actually have participated in this week and I loved the courses! They are simply amazing, and it is always refreshing to learn from other people, and dig deeper as you do your very own homework!

But, I do hope that more functions will come to the Steemit interface, which will help make the platform even better.

Some of the functions I would love to see as a Steemit user!

  • The possibility to schedule posts.
  • A way of saving drafts.
  • The chance to create templates that can easily be used for posting at a later time.
  • Snippets are useful, because many of us want to add a certain sentence or graphic at the end of each post.

These are just some of the improvements that would be great to see on the platform.

But, I am really grateful for this editor upgrade, which actually has made the editor way easier and better to use! :)

How do you like the new editor?

Have you used the new #Steemit editor? How do you like it? The more I write, the better I like it! What are your thoughts?

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I haven’t been on here for a good few years now and publishing tools are always welcome! I wonder if the apps still exist that synchronise Wordpress and Steemit. Was quite a useful idea to use a best in class publishing tool to drive the content and just have an API or something synchronise to here.

17.04.2021 12:39

You had Steempress that helped sync between Wordpress and Steemit, but they moved to Hive, and since then, it has died... I guess there wasn't a big enough need for the service, and with the low prices of the Hive token, authors didn't really use it.

17.04.2021 16:32

Well i'm gonna go ahead and disagree with you here and I mean no offense to the creator of the editor but I prefer the traditional one even if it means that I have to scroll down to see what it is actually going to look like. The auto-fill of <> and [] for example might be helpful to some people but for me it get in the way. However, for a new user they might not even understand how to use these things anyway, so the new editor would be very useful for them.

I commend the people behind the creation of this tool but hope that the option of using "classic" interface remains an option for old-school ppl like myself :)

21.04.2021 06:55

Hehe, so glad that we are allowed to disagree with one another. I still like the new interface, but it can still be improved greatly. I really miss a tool like Steempeak/PeakD for this platform, and considering that earlier we had, Steempeak, and several others, time is really here to bring some more dApps.

I guess the old interface would be messy for newcomers, just like the new one. THose who have no experience with coding will feel like just creating a hyperlink is a mess, no matter what!

21.04.2021 11:36

Therein lies one of the many problems with mass adoption. We need to keep in mind that most people and alas, most of the people we know have been dumbed down to the point where anything that doesn't function like Facebook is "too complicated." I have tried to get multiple friends involved and once I show them the various keys they don't want anything to do with it.

We get it, they don't... and really I can imagine that changing regardless of the interface until the masses learn that if something is too easy online, they are definitely collecting your data.

02.05.2021 05:10

This is just so true! The interface is one thing, but I know that those keys are so confusing at the start, and they are making the barrier of joining way higher! And even more, people are afraid of storing their keys, because we are messed up people, and we are used to clicking the "forgot my password" option and everything is okay. Well, it's not like that on Steemit (nor on Hive), and that is actually a challenge for newcomers!

Guess lots of work needs to be done for this to be able to go mainstream and accepted by the normal man.

02.05.2021 06:23

I guess it is ok. I still really miss Steempeak though and probably will for quite some time. It's not just the editor I miss, the friends and communities were just a lot more accessible with that front-end (if that is even what it is called)

23.04.2021 05:37

We all miss Steempeak, and if we look at PeakD on Hive (which is the even better version of Steempeak), we are kind of left behind here on Steem. Totally agree, everything was easier to access, it was easier to publish, you could create lists and so much more. Hopefully, with time, developers will start working on similar tools for Steem as well!

23.04.2021 06:54