PlaySteem - Steem is rocking my mobile!

For a year, I have been suffering due to the lack of a mobile application that will give me good access to the platform on my Android device. It might work to read articles properly on a cell phone, but if you want to upvote, publish, comment, and more, then we probably all agree that a real application has been needed.

But, things are happening on the platform, and that is why I was so happy to discover PlaySteem, a new application (in beta) that is available for Android devices! I had to manually download the .apk file to install it, but once that was done, all you need is your username and your posting key, and you are ready to roll on Steem using your mobile device.

steem cell phone.png

A few words about PlaySteem

PlaySteem has been around for a few weeks (at least so it seems to me), but I haven't discovered it until earlier today. It is developed by @etainclub (THANKS A LOT), and he seems to be working quite a lot on developing this tool. Inside the tool you can publish posts, vote, comment, you can get push notifications, and you can even transfer funds and more (but you will need to use other keys for such purposes). You can also create a Steemit account, making it an easy place for those who will visit and use the platform for the first time. You can find the official Steemit account for the application at and you can find the homepage of the application at

Steem is rocking my mobile!

Once again, I have just got to say that I am really happy about this. When I think about what kind of apps and features I have been missing on the platform, I guess this is the most important and vital. So, I already look forward to opening the PlaySteem application again in order to see what is happening.

Of course, I am writing this article on a computer. Not because I dislike the application, but I simply hate writing messages longer than 20 words on my phone. It goes so slowly and I feel like I am wasting my time. So for long and real messages, I will still use my computer. But, for writing a comment to a post, a short message, or upvoting some posts, this is stunning and amazing!

mobile phone.jpg

If you have been looking for a mobile application that will allow you to interact on Steemit in a better way, this is your chance.

Have you tried PlaySteem? How did you like it? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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well this is good to know. I was unaware of the existence of such a tool. Ever since Partiko took off I was under the impression that we had no such option, so this is good to see. Thanks for getting the word out. Imma repost

21.04.2021 06:57

Yeah, I miss Partiko as well, but at least, this is something... way better than nothing, and good for checking what's going on while on the way :)

21.04.2021 11:34