Journal 64 review - The final movie in the Department Q series

Journal 64 is the fourth and final movie in the Department Q series. Or actually, it isn't, but to me it is. The reason is simple. There will be a fifth Department Q movie as well, and I have even seen the trailer. But, they have changed the actors, meaning that the two main detectives (Carl and Assad) are now played by two new actors. This is a brutal crime to those who loved the first four movies, and that can clearly be seen if you read the actual comments of the trailer to the fifth movie.

But, let us return to Journal 64, and let me tell you why I really like this movie, and why it might be my favorite movie in the Department Q series.

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What is Journal 64 all about?

In this movie, Carl and Assad have to investigate a quite special crime. Someone discovers a room with three dead bodies during construction work. When Carl and Assad catch up on what's going on, they see that the relationship between the three persons is related to women's home in Denmark that operate for 3 years in the 50s. This was a "prison" kind of for women who didn't follow the moral standards of those days. But, why did someone kill three persons and why did they place their bodies like this?

As they investigate, they discover that very special events took place at the women's home. But, there is also a present-day thread. Assad gets to know a girl who had to take an abortion. But, they later get to know that someone is trying to "filter" society by sterilizing girls with a colored background. When they later discover that this girl who took an abortion also has been sterilized, that is when the story starts to heat up!

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Carl Wad is a famous doctor in Journal 64.

This is actually quite intense!

I really like the fact that these movies aren't about spending millions of dollars on special effects. There are no crazy car hunts (which I am very happy about), but instead, the story is what makes you excited and gives intensity to the movie.

And yes, this is probably the most intense of the 4 movies. It might not cause you to bite your nails all the way down, but still, it is quite awesome to watch!

My Journal 64 score: 8.5/10

Have you seen it? How did you like it? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Superlative movie, thanks for sharing

20.04.2021 12:34