How can I monetize my hobby?

It is wonderful to have hobbies, and it is extremely important to relax and have a wonderful time. But, have you ever heard of people who love their job, simply because it is their hobby and something they love to do, no matter what?

It is easy to be envious of such people, especially if you do something that you dislike and don't feel good doing. But, today I would like to share a few thoughts about how you can monetize your hobby, in one way or another. It might not be possible, but it might help you at least change your way of thinking.


Nothing is as good as enjoying life and generating an income while doing it!

I am a big fan of TV series and movies. I really love it. And I love watching football. I can sit down and watch Premier League football, Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and so much more without getting bored. That is why the FIFA World Cup and the European Championship in football are big highlights because then you can stream amazing matches several times a day.

For someone, that is a nightmare... so much football! But, to me - it is amazing!

But, I don't only like to watch things on a screen. I enjoy playing football, I enjoy walking, I love traveling, and I enjoy a good book.

So, what has this got to do with monetizing?

When I watch a TV series on Netflix, I know that I can write an article about it afterward. I enjoy writing, I enjoy streaming, and it feels even better when it is generating an income in addition!

If I watch a football match, then I know that I can use this knowledge in future articles as well.

But, what about my other hobbies and interests? Anything can be turned into a good article, meaning that this platform is fantastic for everyone with hobbies and interests. There are so many ways to share, learn, and teach!

As a traveler, I could have just made photos and had a good time. But, instead of just doing that... I have created travel blogs and websites about places I have been to. If you are good at taking photos, why not publish them on free sites such as Pixabay and Unsplash, or try to add them to sites where you get paid whenever people try to use your content?

If you like playing computer games, why not create a YouTube channel and show live streams of you playing (and turn into a PRO-gamer), or blog about other people. Maybe you don't know, but people love reading about themselves. So, if you start blogging about other gamers, they will quickly discover it, share it with their fans, and suddenly, you are a famous gaming blogger!

If you are a painter, start uploading them to creative sites were people will pay for them. Publish them here and get upvotes for your content. Create NFT-s and sell your products. There are so many things that can be done to generate an income from your hobby!

Ask yourself some questions.

My suggestion is that you start asking yourself some questions! What can I do to monetize my hobby? Is there a way in which I can generate an income because of what I do when I relax?

This is just about changing your mentality and way of thinking. However, the fact that you are here probably means that you are already living this principle, so I guess this is just me sharing info you already know about. But, if you know somebody else who would find this information useful, make sure to tell them about the article or give them the inspiration based on your own experience.

And do not forget to help them register an account and get them started here on this platform!

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It's really cool that these days one can turn a hobby into a source of income. Nice piece

12.04.2021 15:25

Very good your suggestions, converting what people are passionate about, in a monetary gain is something that is very attractive.Currently, many people are unaware that this can be achieved through these platforms, and they still do not understand very well the mechanisms of how to achieve it.Of course, this requires time and education on our part to achieve having an active person who continues to create content on these platforms.It's a complex job because people are often demotivated by getting only a few sitting down when they post their content.But fortunately when you meet valuable people in different communities you can support them.

13.04.2021 20:35

I really enjoyed your article, and you are very right! I specially agree and think that it is imperative, that more people try and work or do in what the really value, something like the IKIGAI principle (I didnt paste the picture, but you can google it). I for one dont have much hobbies, but I really enjoy in what I work and it complements me, hence it is both my work and hobby. Thanks again @unbiasedwriter

14.04.2021 18:05