Department Q - A conspiracy of Faith - Not as good as the others!

A week ago, I started writing about the first movie in the Danish movie series, Department Q. The first movie, The Keeper of Lost Causes was a joy to watch, the second movie wasn't as good, and the third somehow reminds me more of the second than of the third. It is still a good movie, but it didn't manage to bring me along as much as the first movie. But, once again - it doesn't make it a bad movie. Luckily, the fourth movie is the one I like the most in the entire series, so you have all reasons to watch the first three movies in order to get to the fourth.

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What is A Conspiracy of Faith about?

Department Q is a division in the Danish police that has the task of finishing old tasks. It doesn't mean real detective work, but it is rather about just doing the paper work to put the final stamp on the work made earlier. But both Carl and Assad are made for more than just sitting behinds desks, and thus they see strange things in cases that others believed to be solved.

This time they first get a message found in a bottle. It had been on the sea for some years, but it clearly tells about someone who cried for help and wrote that Jehova will help them. Carl and Assad starts investigating the letter, and they later see that there is a pattern with kids disappearing, without any messages given to the police. How come? What is the reason?


The investigation takes them to a present time situation in which two kids are abducted, but not even the parents of the kids want to speak about it. In the end, this is a movie about religious fanatism, and about people who have been raised in everything but a godly way.

The story is interesting, but not intense enough!

It is a good story, but somehow, it doesn't manage to make me bite my nails. I missed something, I don't know what, but I believe they could have made this even a bit better!

But, once again - this is still a great movie, and it is absolutely worth watching!

You can watch it on Netflix in a couple of countries, or you can rent it in your local Google or Apple store, or at

Carl Morck is a quite depressed and hard-to-like person, and in this movie, it once again gets quite depressing as he is struggling as a person himself, without any form for understanding of what is happening to the people around him.

My movie score: 7/10

I can warmly recommend it, even though there might be other movies in the series that I deem to be better than this one!

Have you seen it? Would you like to watch it? I would love to hear from you!

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