Almost tricked by email spammers

I have experienced a lot when it comes to email spamming, and how people try to trick you into paying for stuff by using fake websites, cloning websites and so much more. But, yesterday I experienced an attempt that I haven't seen before. It was actually quite easy to discover once you started to look into it, but at first, I thought my mum was doing the mistake.

What do I mean?

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Sending a Christmas present to my mum!

So, it all started with me sending a Christmas present to my mum through mail. We live quite far away from one another, so I expected it to take a while for the package to arrive. However, during a phone conversation yesterday, I asked whether or not the present had arrived. She said no!

However, she had just received an email about a package that had arrived. But, she had heard about people being tricked by such emails, so she didn't pay much attention to the email. My first thought was that my mum had done a mistake, and that this was the real thing. However, I told her to forward me the email so that I could take a closer look at it myself. Considering that we had paid all the costs for the package, I for sure would call it a spam if any sort of payment was requested.

And yes... I got the email, and there it was telling my mum to pay a last little piece in order for the package to be delivered. I then checked the sender email address and the address of the payment site, and at once it was confirmed, this was super-spammy.

However... people can easily be fooled by this!

So, my mum was expecting a package, and then this email comes. Even someone with a little knowledge about hackers could get fooled by this. But, not my (super)mum. She was aware of online dangers and paid attention.

Now I only have to hope that the real package will arrive sometime before Christmas <3

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Thank goodness for Mum's smartness that was a trick that a lot of people would have fallen for without a second thought.

09.12.2020 14:12

Greetings friend @unbiasedwriter

Thank you for sharing, this unfortunate experience, no doubt, people can easily be deceived by situations similar to these you tell us, if it happens to me, I hope I have the expertise you have had, so that I can avoid getting swindled.

10.12.2020 16:30