A positive side-effect of Covid - You only realize the value when it is taken away from you!

I remember when I was a kid... we all hated school. All the cool guys have to say that school is boring and that school is terrible. In other words, the dream was to stay away from school and to do other stuff. And I am quite sure that hasn't changed much since then.

But, now I have kids and it is quite interesting to see something... Covid has changed something!

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I want to go to school...

That was the words of my son earlier this week. He misses school, he misses his classes, and he misses his friends. Covid has just done a miracle in my son, and I guess in kids all around the world.

But, the actual message of this article is much bigger. It is about realizing how grateful we are for thinks only when they are taken away from us.

Just like my kid realized how much he actually enjoys school is something he discovered when he wasn't allowed to go to school.

  • How much we love our family is often only discovered when we are unable to be together with them.
  • How grateful we should be for having a warm home to live in is only realized when we don't have a warm home to live in.
  • Food on the table isn't obvious either, lots of people don't have enough to eat. But, we only understand and turn grateful for the food we have when we suddenly don't have enough to feed ourselves or our families.

Spend a few minutes and be grateful!

I want to encourage all of you to take a few minutes and to be grateful. Find something to be grateful about. Send a message to someone you appreciate and that you can be together with and let them know that you are grateful. Don't wait until it is too late.

Even if you dislike your job, imagine what your days would be like if you were unable to work. Would that be better, or would you miss your job today and the chance to make an income?

We have hope...

We have hope, we have dreams of a future. But it isn't worth anything if we will be all by ourselves. Show some appreication to the people around you, and know that your friends and your family is worth way more than your job and the money you earn.

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This is an original article written by me for Project Hope! First published on Hive

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Hello @unbiasedwriter Gratitude is the emotion of expressing appreciation for what one has. The act of gratitude is the act of focusing on the good in life.Very good post very thoughtful.

02.05.2021 21:09

Hello @unbiasedwriter
This post at this moment made me remember a specific moment in my life, year 2010, I was entering the university to start my medical career, the crisis in my country was already in place although not as strong as now, a professor in an auditorium said the following: "let's thank the crises", let's applaud the crises... almost nobody did it, we were too young to understand that.

Crises will always allow us to have an appreciation of what we have, or what we had. And it can also bring out the best in us...

03.05.2021 14:17

That must have been a special moment. I guess in the midst of despair, very few people are actually able to see the positive and appreciate the positive. But, I guess we need to fight hard in life in order to see the positive and appreciate and be grateful for all the positive still surrounding us.

03.05.2021 14:41

As they say: "Nobody knows what he has, until he loses it", and it is unfortunate that we have to lack or see something lost to value it, this teaches us to be grateful for what we still have and the way we have it. On the other hand, we also learned not only to value, but to see clearly, to realize the things that surround us because we are so numb that we do not even notice what we have around us, like our family and most of all, our grandparents who have a lot to tell us.

Comentado por: @hojaraskita

03.05.2021 16:03

I haven't heard the quote before, but it is really true... I hope it will be an eye-opener for many, so that we can realize what we have BEFORE we lose it :)

03.05.2021 16:45

We have to be greatful for every simple thing, if we just think about people who suffer from tough circumstances all around the world we will know that our life is good enough to be greatful for every simple thing.

Nice read!

03.05.2021 16:17

It is about perspective... If we look at Instagram and see those perfect pictures, we will see what we don't have. If we look at those in poorer countries, we might actually see what we have!

03.05.2021 16:46