BTC Golem & Others - grounding essay


The idea for an NFT __ representing a single instance of digital art crafted by me Kelechi Isiodu (a meme or moniker of mine– Kellykrypto, basically a nickname).
A basic photo of me - a selfie taken with me holding a commemorative bitcoin (centre) in my muth is supposed to be only one of its kind in existence and if transferred will continue to be the only one of its kind (until copied obviously). It is supposed to serve as 'digital art' and this essay is one description of how it was creaated.

The phot was taken on an iPhone 8 and then retouched using GIMP software. 'Blemishes' were removed and the heal and clone stamp tools were applied to aspects of the photo to bring the background to its kind of near-unified grey hue. From the onset, the aim was to create a kind of caricature employing a certain cartoon character quality. The feature of the selfie taken was designed to bring the subject (me) forreground, with faial features protruding and projecting 'unnaturally'. Filters in the GIMP - Oilify, CCartoon were applied and thenexports were made in three formats: ..jpg, .xcf, & .png ...

The resuting photto (in .jpg format) wa then cropped to remove extraneous detaail and other filters applied the final one being 'Burlesque'.... which offered the bestblend of colours thatt appears in thisfinal iinstance, to my mind. <

BTC Golem was creted first during the pandemic lockdownn period, which aso marked the time of taking up crypto trading and Defi investing. Later still, the idea occurred to me to create a further two characters featuring me as the 'mmodel': Ethamental and Rippleyed showingthe coins and projjects I am a fan o. These were meant to follow the creative styyles of an imaginary cast ofcomic superherroes or the otherwis otherworldly look of the characters portrayed in film projects like Watchmen (2009) or 300 (2006). I alwayss liked the photorealism of the ttars' portrayals in thos films.

or titing, I thought to bring the 3 photos together in a digital triptych and call them 'Adoption'. But Adoption is reserved for a project featuring the same characters 'minted' on the Ethereum blockchain, using
I have called this 'installation' 'Because Adoption is a work-in-progress' since I mean to highlight the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies by common persons for all sorts of use cases (I am bullish); but, I also mean to use the pieces to hint at the aura of controversy surrounding cyrptos. I first shared peeks of this work with friends, whom I persuaded to start looking seriously at the budding crypto market (in 2020). v>

Whether it is with Chinese crackdowns on miners, governmental FUD - (read Nigerian governmental edicts banning institutions for instance), governmental CRED - (government of El Salvador adopting crypto as legal tende) or rug-pulls wiithin Defi, the fact of scammers & cryptos lost down unreadable storag devices ... not excluding forgottten passords or assets getting sent to bad adresses)– crypto activity is showing a crescendo of adoption. And this is just the eginning– the pieeces serve to mark this unque time in history. We may also be living through another speculative bubble. This also shows thee only time to my kowledge when a common person appears with coommemorative coins in these specifc poses. So, no laser eyes, but you got my message. I hope you love the suggesstion of Art. I hope you like th result..

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