International Nurses Day

Nurses are the most important link between the doctor and the patient. A doctor only prescribes the medicine and makes the diagnosis, but at last, it is the nurse on whom the actual responsibility of the treatment depends. Without the nursing staff, a medical facility can't function even for a day.
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On 12 may every year across the world to commemorate the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, who was a social reformer. A British nurse and the founder of modern nursing. She is known as The Lady with the Lamp' who roamed in the night to care for the wounded soldiers. International nurse's day is observed to honor the nurses in healthcare for their diligence and service in society.
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How are you feeling?

Every nurse has asked this question to their patient. This simple question displays a nurse’s empathy and their giving spirit. It’s their amazing heart summed in one question. How are you feeling?

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The work nurses do directly impact lives. Whether it’s helping recover from an illness or accident, help with a disability, or just needing someone to feel safe, a nurse is always there providing care and comfort. And today without hesitation, even in the face of a worldwide crisis, everyday nurses sacrifice their time, family, and well-being to care for and protect those in need. Despite adversity and at times great personal loss, they still ask;
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How are you feeling? In this very special Year of the Nurse, we celebrates all nurses and caregivers for their dedication and service. Thank you for being among the first to take action and while we are practicing social distancing, thank you for taking the frontlines during this unprecedented time. Thank you for being the heroes our nation looks to in its time of need. Thank you for giving us hope.

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