BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE. CONTEST BY @vvarishayy.@umerfarooq2

Hellow steemians, asalamoalaikum how are you all i hope you all are fine so i want to tell you about my tour in this diary read till end.
So i am telling about my tour dairy we four friend made a tour plan and after two weeks later our plan got confirmed and we started packing and booked our tickets so on Saturday night we went to the cant station and waiting for our train on cant station firstly we are going to lahore.
So our train got late we were waiting after waiting of 2 hours train had came then we sat took our place placed our luggage and got relaxed so train had started we were watching the beautiful scenes from train we enjoyed the nature the sun set afterall we reached to the lahore station
Then we sat their waiting for our pindi train but we had bad luck wo our train got again late we were getting hungry so we goto the kfc
After ateing kfc we came backed to the station our train had came then we sat again in train then after a short journey we reached to the pindi our one friend had came to picked us, we went to his house slept for some our because in the morning we had to gone for a long journey
After sleeping of 7 hours we wake up and did a breakfast then we booked a civic from rent a car and sat in car here our journey had started.
Here i m showing you some beautiful captures of tour.
Actually we were going to gilgit baltistan so these are the places here we stopped and took some pictures we enjoyed alot here there was atleast - 9 degree the coldness was out of control we were wearing 2,3 jackets and still coldness was out of control then we headed towards passu and china boader there we booked a 4x4 car because our civic tyre will got stucked so we book a jeep and headed towards boader because there was snow.
Then there we reached one army man was came with us here we atleast waited for 5 mintues then we go backed to our hotel again we got tired this is my best moment of my life when i went with my friend at tour we enjoyed alot

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It looks like you enjoyed a lot.
Nicely presented. Thank you for participating.

24.04.2021 17:43

Yes, I had a lot of enjoyed there.

24.04.2021 17:53