The dairy game ||31 2021 ||

Hello and greetings to all my fellow steemians...
Let me share with you my other diary game but with an interesting and well-spent day, I hope you'll love to read it


So today startMy alarm was ringing at 8 o'clock in the morning. I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. Then my alarm went off after 2 to 3 minutes. I turned off the alarm and woke up. Then I brushed my teeth and washed my hands. My sister-in-law told me to take her to the board office. I then took my sister to the board office. On the way there was a lot of heat and traffic. Then I asked my sister's board office. Then my sister-in-law said to the head of the board office.
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if I want mark sheet then the head said first you have to photocopy your documents. Then I got a photocopy of the documents of my Sis. After that I collected all the documents and then they gave us the mark sheet.
Then we are started to go home. In the way, it was so hot so we decided to have Lassi. After drinking Lassi.
We felt goods. Then we reach the home then I took some rest and after that I took bath then I took breakfast.
then I reached the office. After that I finished my work. After that I reached Mall. The Mall management did not allow me to enter because I forgot my mask.Then I bought a mask
I have reached the mall for my work than i have to do my work but i have ruined my work
Then performed asar namaz and after namaz I take a rest then i started my work I prepared my files and documents and also work on printing documents.
I was leaving for home and turn off computer then my boss said u won't go you have a night today so please stay taken a night I felt bad because I was going at home but now I was put on night duty and couldn't go to my friends to enjoy I started my work again and created file then I used my mobile and played game after playing the game I used printer and then after I stop printer I went to trying a food and then come to offer and I at food with office calleagves.
then we started our work and I was very tried after that I offered Isha namaz and after namaz I feel very good and I talked to my friends and I started my work again.
I was very tried back then and time was very running out and then I finished my work and I left for home and i roached home and then fresh and turn off the light and then I steep
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The chinese rice looks so mouth watering . I assume you are a illustrator ?

03.04.2021 10:04

hot weather and lassi pleasures!

03.04.2021 10:47