Feeding Crows on Pests 🦟

As everybody knows the crow is a very clever and intelligent among all the birds, they have the special instincts and techniques of survival in any kinds of circumstances. If any crow is thirsty and couldn't find water 💦 from any where, he can drank water from and type of pot by help of pebbles any other technique. Everybody has witnessed the very famous scene of the crows that they can snach the food from the hands of the human beings.
I witnessed a very rare and astonishing view of feeding the crows they were feeding on the pests 🦟 while field was full of water and the pest rose up to avoid the water on top of plants. The crows were picking the pest from the plants to eat them. It was an amazing scene. You people can just imagine how clever they are.

Massage for Mankind

The photo has a lesson for mankind that the man should avail any type of opportunity to service in this materialistic world.



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You have taken a very beautiful picture

10.05.2021 03:40

Thanks dear

11.05.2021 21:24