My daily story: Afternoon where I live.

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How are you, friends of the WORLDOFPHOTOGRAPHY community, how healthy are you all. Yes, I pray that reading my blog will always be given good health and sufficient sustenance from God, by the way, today I will share my daily stories again with the moments that I managed to capture. Ok today is a Thursday where the weather today is very hot, reversing yesterday's where from morning to evening the weather is rainy and cloudy, making me want to sleep all day and not be active, yes my problem as a field worker when the weather is cloudy or rainy I really I can't do activities because I carry a motorbike and items that absorb water quickly, so when it rains I have to pull over and can't make transactions.

Ok today is very hot, even the hot steam is like being exposed to steam from hot water, and today I am traveling from Panggoi to Bungkah which is about 40 km away, I work from 11 am and ready earlier at 15 noon actually my working hours start from the clock 9am to 3pm. But because I watched the champions league ball whose song brought Bayern Munich against Paris Saint Germany where last night's match was won by PSG as a guest, last night the song was very exciting coupled with the heavy snow falling in the field making the match very exciting to watch. And the game ends at 4 am and I have to wake up at 7 am, yes I only sleep 3 hours a day and it's really hard hahaha, and that's why I was late for work today and came home late too.

So after I finished work, I immediately rushed home to gather with my friends who were playing volleyball in the afternoon on the beach, they started the game from 5 pm to 6:30 am they gathered quite together to make 4 teams.



In between playing the sun began to fall and of course a painting was plastered in front of my eyes whose hand I kept on taking my cellphone and immortalizing it, I did not expect to be able to see this beautiful sunset which I can usually only see on television and outside social media. After seeing this, I am very grateful that I come from a place that God gives natural beauty every day and I hope that if those who see this or read it hope that you can protect the nature around you and preserve it.


And that is all from me, I hope my post can give positive things to those who read and see, and hopefully you will always be given good health both physically and spiritually, don't forget to be grateful, because when we are grateful we will enjoy life more and always feel positive energy. spirit!!.
Thank you to all my friends in the accountbooster Community who always support me in contributing positively to this Steemit, and always healthy for @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02. I hope you will always strive for the progress of our community.

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