Friday Morning Run

I just finished a 12.545km running that lasted about 1hh:12mm:14ss !


The Autumn season is finally making it's way down to the central Arizona hills as the temperature dropped to just above freezing here last night. Hopefully the winter will be mild this year. My run was over a new section of roads that mixed hilly areas with a couple of mile stretches along busy main roads. Many of the housing developments in the Prescott hills are a maze of dead ends so I'm constantly having to check my phone map app to avoid getting lost (plus some of the "roads" turn out to be washed out paths or ATV trails). Indulged in some needless ice cream last night which my stomach didn't appreciate later on. Maybe a hike on a trail with my dogs later today.
My photos are the new (old me) and the old (young Teenager me) way back in the 70's. Think it wasn't that long before I ran my first marathon. How time flies.


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