Keto diet having it's effect

I had experimented with some forms of the keto diet years ago while a serious runner, although it was higher protein than a lot of ketogenic diets I've seen. Good protein smoothies with MCT oil and other good fatty meats and very few carbs. I have found that my genetics have given me a under-performing thyroid and my blood sugar is easily raised with even 'good' carbs like veggies and moderate amounts of rice or potatoes (but my A1c is not too bad so not actually a diabeties type 2 issue). A couple of weeks doing keto and my sugars are great with a fasting glucose in the 70-80 range as opposed to 100-115 on a healthy "normal diet" (i.e. no junk or processed products).
So if you want to improve your health and get your metabolism tuned to burn fats more efficiently for endurance sports (don't forget your body only has about 2000 kcal of glycogen at it's disposal for energy so ketone metabolism is key to break the bonking barrier). Use those healthy oils- coconut, butter, avocado and others and ditch those carbs. Your body will thank you and maybe we'll all be able to power through the ultra marathon miles.
The blood ketone reading is from this morning, although it was after a warm 6 mile run. KetoCoach meter.jpg

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