Fire from the earth

A little bit of potential mineral beauty. Fire agate in the rough from the Saddle Mountain area just outside of Tonepah in southern Arizona.Saddle Mtn fire agate.jpg
The iridescent "fire" in these agates is from light reflecting off the minute layers of iron compounds within the quartz matrix. Great pieces are a rainbow of flashes and are a much sought-after - especially as this rare stone only occurs in a few localities in Mexico and the American Southwest.

Free spots like Saddle Mountain will provide hours of enjoyment but often very little gemmy agates. The high-quality specimens are mostly from private mines unfortunately.

Still, it's a great way to spend time and enjoy the different ways Mother Nature shows her beauty.20210223_123606.jpg
Hopefully I'll be able to produce a decent gem from this baby. I'll update when I do.

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