My Actifit Report Card: March 19 2020

Here's my Actifit report for the start of Spring - with a big, fat snowstorm overnight.

As usual for Prescott the city can't be bothered to clear the snow off the sidewalks and the roads are a sloppy mess. Just perfect for a morning run, at least there weren't a lot of cars out yet so I had a fun time running through the snow and muck. Real Springtime can't get here soon enough for me. Overall it wasn't that much fun running but at least it got me away from the constant Cheeto Jesus Trumptard videos my wife had blaring all the time.

Thank God the Donald has single-handedly whipped that pesky Coronavirus with his magical tweets while he and his willing collaborators in Congress look for more ways to take away our liberties to protect "public health" Just STFU Trump and go play golf so the real adults can fix your mess.
All I can be thankful for at this point is that the idiots that ri this county and the state haven't locked down everything but it's still early so I might as well enjoy the days when I can be out enjoying a run or hike through the woods. No ultras for at least three months with all the cancellation so plenty of time to train.
Get out and enjoy your days my friends.

Poor flowers that were starting to be out to celebrate Springtime, but at least the Prickly Pear cactus are used to harsh conditions.

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