A panoramic panorama of natural beauty

I have always loved to travel and experience many of the scenic wonders that are found here in the States. You can keep those Disney, Caribbean cruises or Vegas holidays - just let me roam around in the magnificent wonders that Mother Nature has given us.

From national treasures such as the Grand Canyon National Park. Perhaps one of the most iconic natural wonders to be found here (second only to Yellowstone for me). A monument to the geologic majesty of the West and the power of erosion.

Bryce Canyon National Park. Another magnificent monument to the power of erosion. The 'hoodoos' standing like a massive stone army.

Zion National Park. Although not as 'in your face' spectacular as the others, I found this park to be intimate as you could walk/explore deep into the environment.

Chaco Canyon World Heritage Site. Still a site that holds mysteries about it's builders and its specific function although the buildings often align with the sun. The ancient puebloans (formerly termed Anasazi) came, built, then abandoned this ceremonial site over the course of just a few hundred years.
Monument Valley National Park. The iconic vista of the Hollywood Western. A favorite spot for director John Ford for his westerns. An absolutely stunning place on the Navajo lands. Monument_valley_panoramic.jpg

Canyon de Chelly National Park. Nestled in the Navajo Nation this cut through the landscape is still a sacred place for the Navajo.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The cave is hundreds of feet deep and the result of the uplift and dissolving of the limestone of an ancient coral reef at the edge of a prehistoric ocean. Filled with beautiful structures.

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. down in the SW corner of New Mexico, these well-preserved cliff dwellings. I love how you can get right into the ruins and geta feel for how it must have been to live in the cliffs.

And sometimes just beautiful places in New Mexico

Or Arizona

Or simple places back in my old New England home...
from farmland in Vermont
to the coast in New HampshireIMG_0007PANO.jpg

So get out and enjoy the beautiful places where you live (even if the conditions are less than inviting)P3074648PANO.jpg

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The countryside trumps a city anyday! Tourists come here and go to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane thinking they're seeing Australia. It's not until you get away from cities that you realise what a country has to offer.

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In case anyone disagrees, because it's a common place to shoot photos - check the clouds and other minor details. It's the same photo, downscaled and maybe cropped a bit.

The fact that you did this with that one photo, makes me wonder, how about all the other photos in the article?


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Didn't realize that so I will remove that one. The others ARE mine!!!!

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