A not so itsy bitsy spider

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As the morning sun's warmth begins to take the chill off the land here in central Arizona some of Mother Nature's little critters start to become active. I spoin area. It wasn't happy when I got close so it raised its legs at me to signal its displeasure.
ttps:ula making its way across the road during my morning run through the Granite Mountain area.

Also spotted a young rattlesnake (only about 6-8" long) at one of the trailheads un ovever.
I had just been running uphill so bit out of breath.hrough my run. Moved him (with a nice LONG stick) to some bushes so that it wouldn't get run over.
I had just been running uphill so bit out of breath..

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Cute, i used to catch these guys after it rained in arizona. Now i have a cobalt blue tarantula and a chilean rose.

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04.11.2019 01:36

I could just imagine my wife's reaction if I brought one home.

04.11.2019 01:38

They are like pet rocks, they only look scary but are really docile. I observed one for ten years it lived right outside our house in a burrow. I think a tarantula wasp finally got to it and a toad took over its burrow. The one you took a picture of might be a male they tend to be more aggressive. Especially since it did its defensive stance.

04.11.2019 01:42