A little perspective on the Coronavirus scare

While a large part of the world cowers in fear and buys toilet paper like it's some magic talisman against the virus people in the underdeveloped countries live with the very real possibility of death every day.

Whether it's malaria, malnutrition or another tropical disease or parasite or even wars. Despite this they go about their daily lives, often with a smile on their face.
These images are from a medical mission to Malawi I was part of a few years ago. Severe illness and death wad a daily occurrence. People didn't stop living, they went about their daily activities like every other day.

So while the latest virus outbreak has the potential to make you sick and possibly kill you, we've been down this road before with the swine flu, bird flu, SARs, Ebola, and on and on. Civilization hasn't collapsed or humanity been destroyed yet and probably won't with this latest scare.
Don't act like it's the end of world, stay healthy and carry on.


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