Ultimate Online Wrestling Season 2 Ch-6 - Part 3: Brawl at the Wall 2

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the Rio Gran.gg/mj6Msrf


Rio Grande, Texas

Largest Federal I.C.E Detention Center

60 minutes later

Valora, Sato, and Ares pulled to the side of the desert highway about a mile away from the detention center and dismounted their dirt bikes. Each of them had a black ski mask on to hide their identities and their tranquilizer guns were is smartphone anr sides. They were as ready as they were ever going to be for what they were about to try and pull off. Ares pulled out his smart phone and opened his Echo app to send a private encrypted message to the buse about a mile nordesert and the drone pilots back at the warehouse to let the when we're ready in pthe pick-up. The es:* Alright, busses are about mile north in the desert out of sight waiting for us to message them when were ready for the pick up. The drones are in the air and headed toward the facility as I speak. It’s time for us to move in on foot and make our way into the facility.

Valora: Good. Let’s moveWatch it
, Sato!
ooner this is over with, the sooner I can get some much needed R&R.

Sato: Alright settle down grandma.

Valora: Watch it Sato!

Sato: Or what? You going to bite me again?

Ares: Knock it off you two! It’s time to get serious! We’ve got one shot at this! We cannot fuck it up!

Sato and Valora nodded and the trio began to sprint toward the facility on foot. Valora trailed a bit behind Sato and Ares due to her injuries struggling a bit to keep up with them. Once the detention cld find to not g, they began to move slowly taking cover when they could behind parked vehicles, trees, and anything else they could find in order to not get noticed by the armed guard at the entrance gate. Once they were close enough to take a shot at the guard, Valora cocked the hammer back on her firearm and fired a shot shattering the window in his booth and nailing the I.C.E agent straight in the jugular with a tranquilizer dart. The guard slumped over instantly in his chair and was out cold much to the Latina’s satisfaction.

Sato: Nice shot…

Valora: Thanks… pretty good for an old lady huh?

Sato: {Humph}… Yeah. Not bad.

Ares: Alright let’s move before they notice he’s out. Keep mind of the security cameras, the last thing we need is to get spotted.

Valora and Sato nodded and the three moved onto the federal property with their tro patrol the pern and ready. The drones in the sky took out another two guards that were securing the main entrance and then moved on to patrolling the perimeter of the complex as lookouts. Ares waved to the other two to follow him and the trio made their way inside the detention center. Valora took out the next two guards manning the metal detectors and Ares quickly disabled sensors so that they wouldn’t go off when they pass through.

Using their incredible athleticism the small team made sure to avoid the detection field of the security cameras mounted on the walls and ceilings. Valora and Ares took out another half dozen more guards together using their specialized training as Sato followed close behind studying their incredible marksmanship. Then the three rebels stopped dead in their tracks quickly realizing that the illegal immigrants were being held captive in cells with electronically controlled doors.

Ares: We’ve got to find the computer that controls the cells. Any ideas?

Valora: There has to be a command center somewhere in the complex. We just have to find it and find it fast…

Sato scanned the prison looking for the control center Valora was talking about. He couldn’t help but notice the frightened, tired, and sick faces of the migrant women and children. It was just lidescent during W had described to him as a child about the concentration camps the U.S. had built to keep American citizens of Japanese descent in during World War 2. That type of fear Finally, a largesouthern portion of this country and most of the Republican voter base and the result was now staring him dead in the face. Finally a large room all the way down at the other end of the prison complex on the second floor above them caught Sato’s attention. He pointed it out to his two comrades with excitement.

Sato: Over there! That has to be it!

Ares: Shhhh! Damn it, keep your fucking voice down.

Valora: Yeah he’s right Ares. That has to be it. Come on, we don’t have much time. More than likely the slob manning the security camera system is asleep or too busy stuffing his fat gringo face with a hamburger to have noticed us yet.

As the three of them ran past the cells the people being held against their will cried out to them for help in Spanish. It was especially difficult for cilities' securitop and explain their intentions, but she knew they were running out otairwell, the trihadn’t already been detected by the facilities security team it was only a matter of minutes until they were. Once at the stairwell the trio sprinted up the stairs and kicked in the control centers door and drew their weapons. Unsurprisingly to Valora, sat a behemoth obese white man half asleep with a half-eateAt first, the daring on his man boobs. All three rebels began firing repeated tranquilizer shots into his blubbery body without hesitation. At first the darts startled him awake, but they quickly went to work causing him to slump over onto the floor into a deep slumber.

Valora: God damn. This fat ass gringo makes LuLu Biggs look healthy!

Sato: Hah! Good one V.

Ares ignored Valora’s witty banter and quickly went to work on the guard’s computer. Ares feverishly typed in commands from the terminal until every cell door opened freeing the prisoners down below. The three rebels then rushed down the stairwell as Valora began to shout in Spanish for the migrant prisoners to stay calm. She explained to all of them that they were a freedom fighting group known as the Rebels of Society and that they were there to lead them back to Mexico. The rebels were all hugged and thanked for their efforts as Valora demanded all of them to follow them out of complex and into busses that would be waiting for them outside.

Ares messaged the bus drivers they were ready for pick and then led the ound of a shotgun s toward the front door. For a second the R.O.S leader believed that his and Valora’s plan had worked perfectly until the sound of shotgun being cocked halted him dead in his ked star-spangledof them blocking the exit stood the man who had been a thorn in Valora’s side since she’d returned from North Korea. A masked star spangled individual with a large “R” sown into his cowl stood statuesque holding his large weapon until he turned it on Ares and fired it straight at his gut. The blast knocked the Rebel leader onto his ass and onto the floor. Ares groaned loudly as he began to bleed all into his clothing at a rapid rate. Valora and Sato looked on in shock as the migrant prisoners began to panic while Ares screamed from the terrible pain of his stomach acid seeping into his wounds. The masked man cocked his shotgun again and began to speak in low grizzled Clint Eastwood like voice.

Masked Man: That was birdshot! The next ones a slug! Now put your GOD DAMN HANDS IN THE AIR YOU REBEL SCUM! These prisoners broke the law! They’re not going anywhere!

Valora: Who the fuck are you asshole!? I’m fucking tired of this shit!

Masked Man: Who am I? Who am I!? I’m the man who bleeds red, white, and blue! I speak softly and carry a big stick! I am the fucking Reaganator!

Sato: The what?

Valora: Oh God, this guy is fucking Loco in the cabasa!

Masked Man: I’m not crazy! You’re the ones who broke into a federal facility and freed these drug mules, human traffickers, and gang bangers!

Valora: Look around you, you fucking lunático! These are women and children! Families looking for the American dream and a better life!

Reaganator: Liar! McStrump imprisoned these heathens for good reason! I won’t let you free them!

The migrants scattered as the Reaganator attempted to fse roundhouse kit before he could get a shot off Sato moved in like lightning and kicked the weapon out of his hands with an awesome reverse round house kick. The shotgun flew across the room and landed about 20 yards away from them as Sato and the Reaganator begeet Kune Do. Ach other in close quarters martial arts combat. Sato was blown away by the masked man’s ability to hold his own against his Jeet kune do. As the two spared with kicks and punches Valora took aim with her tranquilizer gun and fired at the Reaganator. The masked man saw the shot coming and grabbed hold of Sato sh’s bloodstream trom the dart with his body. The dart hit Sato in the back and with the sedative workihip takedown. h the martial artist’s blood stream the Reaganatgun away and putk of Sato slamming him to the ground with an epic Irish whip take down.*

Out of darts, Valora tossed her tranquilizer gun away, and put her fists up as the Reaganator turned to face her. Valora threw a massive right haymaker which the Reaganator expertly blocked and countered with a left cross of his own. Valora blocked the counter and returned fire again wiher identity. Height, but once again the skilled Reaganator blocked the attack and managed to rip off Valora’s mask that had been hiding her idenitity. He then knocked Valora flat on her ass with a spinning heel kick straight to her chest.

As Valora slowly got up from the hard fall, she winced clearly in severe back pain. With Ares bleeding out, Sato unconscious, and her ability to fight diminished thanks to her match earlier in the evening, Valora reached into her pocket and pulled out a War Hammer inhaler like the one she’d been given by Allen Anderson in North Korea. It was clear the masked man knew immediately what Valora had in her possession as soon as he saw it.

Reaganator: Now where did a lowlife scumbag like you get something like that?

Valora smiled devilishly before answering.

Valora: Let’s just say I’ve got friends in high places gringo!

Valora placed the inhaler between her Latin lips and pressed down sucking in the designer military drug deep into her lungs. Her eyes instantly turned blood red as the pain in her back dissipated almost instantly. Salinas jumped back up onto her feet ready for round two with the Reaganator. Valora came at the masked vigilante and began swinging wild and powerful lefts and rights which he struggled to block. Valora then grabbed the Reaganator by his arm and mounted him up onto her shoulders before dropping him hard onto the floor with a devastating fireman’s carry slam. She pounded her chest like an enraged gorilla before kicking the masked assailant repeatedly till he seized to move.

*Valora stopped from killing the Reaganator, nothead up

to speakwomen and children she was trying to save. She rushed over to Ares who was barely still conscious and lifted his head up in order to speak to him.*

Ares: Go… {cough}… Grab Taku… and get these people on the fucking busses!

Valora: I’m not leaving you behind!

Ares: You can’t fucking carry both of us! This was my idea, I’m the leader of the R.O.S! If anyone is getting left behind to face the music it’s me! NOW GO BEFORE THE COPS GET HERE!

Valora stood up and launched into a tirade of Spanish yelling atke a madwoman. Toners to follow her outside. She then picked up Takuma and threw him over her shoulder before sprinting out the front exit like a mad woman. The Hispanic women and children followed behind her and much to Valora’s relief the supped up fleet of busses were waiting for them just as they’d planned. Valora made sure thahis sled, Saint Nd child’ve got a borderoarded and then got into the bus being driven by Satoto blow a big holed Nikolia.

Valora: Let’s move this sled Saint Nick! We’ve a boarder to cross!

Nikolia: Ho! Ho! I hope you’re ready to blow big hole in McStrump’s fucking wall!

Valora: You know it!

Valora picked up the Bazooka as Nikolia shifted the bus in gear and lead the fleet out of the I.C.E detention centers parking lot. The roar of the powerful dd the border. Inld bedistance, the sous away as they quickly pulled off the main road and began their off-road excursion iossible to follow ioward the boarder. In the distance the sound of police sirens could be heard, but the Rebels of Society would prove nearly impossiblethe bazookas cl squad cars due to the rough terrain of the desert. When the wall came into view Valora and the rest of R.O.S members manning the Bazooka’s climbed up the makeshift ladders inside their busses and opened the hatches they had installed to trump border wal to the roof of the bus.

In an epic display of defiance and fearlessneound, buembers fired their bazookaould do to prevent p boarder wall blowing massive holes into it. Sire they rolled over tr patrol began to sound alarm, but there was nothing they could do prevent the massive high powered vehicles from crossing as they road over the debris and rubble like monster vehicles, cheers ter jam show. The border patrol agents watched in awe as the massive vehicles one by one crossed over into Mexico. Inside the vehicles cheers and happy tears of joy were flowing down the faces of the people who had been held captive and abused for so long. Valora couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with what she’d just achieved with the help of the Rebels of Society and even she began to cry much to her surprise.


The Tower of Faith, Africa

The next morning.

Putin’s Cabal of Evil

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin sat at a long table surrounded by his inner circle of allies known as the Cabal watching ANN’s coverage of President McStrump’s address where he was now declaring a state of emergency. At his side was Cardinal Mariano Urizar a member of Hammer Industries board of directors and the leadrime Minister, Bation group trying to wrestle control back of the company from Jeremiah Vastrix. Also at the table was Xi Jinping the Chinese Prime Minster, Bashar Al-Assad leader of Syria, President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, and the real Osama Bin Ladin who was still alive thanks to a phony double that had been cloned from his own DNA with the help of War Hammer scientists. Noticeably at the table were two empty seats.

On the television McStrump looked clearly rattled and angry with what had transpired at the nerism was that ofh how poorly the mission to rid the world of the Blob had gone. The President toupee was disheveled and unkempt and his mannerism were that of man who was hopped up on uppers and barely hanging onto his sanity.

President McStrump: This morning at around 4:00 AM in the morning the group known as the “Rebels of Society” broke into and attacked a Federal I.C.nts who then hel Rio Grande, Texas. They nastily assaulted multiple federal agents and released hundreds of vile illegal criminal immigrants who they then helped smuggle back across the border to Mexico. Thankfully with the help of a true patriot and our incredible federal agents we were able to capture the Rebels leader who has been identified as Ares Metaxas. This bad, ugly man, Mr. Metaxas, is now on his way to Guantanamo Bay where he’ll spend the rest of his life rotting in a prison cell!

We also have confirmed video footage of the former great American and wrestler Valora Salinas helping the Rebels in this horrific terror attack. This nasty woman, Ms. Salinas crossed over the border with the illegals she helped escape and is now being protected by the Mexican government who is refusing to give her up to us. I am here now before you declaring Ms. Valora Salinas an enemy of America, a terrorist, and to officially proclaim the Rebels of Society as domestic terrorists! Anyone with a red vest on will be here by arrested on sight!

Putin pulled out a remote and then shut off the large television screen before addressing the table in the dead language of Latin which was spoken and understood by all in the Cabal.

Putin: It has been a difficult year for all however, be thats of the great Michael Vastrix and our good friend Kim Jong Un. It wasn’t that many years ago when we lost Saddam and Gaddafi, however be that as it may, our plan to destabilize the deo to gpersonal and united agendas has been a great success! My plan to blackmail McStrump with that Russian prostitute urination video in order to get him to rus weakened them bochurian candidate was genius.

Urizar: Indeed, ahey could wagthe North Koreans to launch a nnst you as they diaken them both domestically and internationally. The days where theyleep easily now.
to wage these regime change wars against you like they did with Gaddafi and Saddam are long gone. Bashar and Maduro you ca is great. It really eases the minshar:**This pleases me greatly…

Maduro: Yes, I have enoughay things are goil with. No longer fearing the Americans is a great ease of mind.

Jinping: I’m glad that you all feel so good about the way thing are going, I however have an economy that is being wrecked by these McStrump tariffs! I asked repeatedly that you make o their economiccicolous policies he’s enforced.

Putin: Easy Xi, soon the Americans will have no choice but to end the tariffs due to their on economic woes. Trust me, everything is going according to plan… We have multiple agents on the ground in Allen Anderson, Dasha Ivanova, and Boris Drago working separately, but toward our common goal. The world is our oyster and soon we will know no bounds!

The men at the table began to laugh uncontrollably like evil bond villains save for the Chinese Prime minster whose somber facial expressions made him look like a very silly bear in desperate need of a jar of honey.

To Be Continued in Friday Night Clash 13!

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